A man who died Tuesday after he was beaten in a Ponchatoula bar fight early Sunday was quickly identified as an Alabama football fan, but he was also a former semiprofessional football player and a father of two.

Ponchatoula police continue to investigate the fight between two LSU fans and 46-year-old Robert Bowers. Azia Crockett, 27, and Ryan Anthony, 24, have been charged with one count each of felony manslaughter and turned themselves in to police.

Bowers lived in Ponchatoula and worked as a RV technician at Kent Mitchell RV sales in Hammond, according to his roommate Chuck Passman.

Passman described his former roommate, a big guy who once played semiprofessional football, as a gentle person unlikely to start a bar fight.

Bowers was born in Alabama but spent most of his life in Louisiana, Passman said.

He remained a die-hard Crimson Tide fan, sporting a bright red “BAMA” plate on the front of his blue pickup. On the night of the incident, he was out with his daughter and niece watching the game, Passman said.

Since he was hospitalized, friends and family have been sharing the hashtag #RollTide4Robert.

“He better be smiling at me because I would never say that,” said Passman, a LSU fan.

Bowers leaves behind a son, daughter and two dogs, Passman said.

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