LSU was notified about "two questionable issues" that were revealed during the investigation into alleged embezzlement by the former president of the Our Lady of the Lake Foundation.

John Paul Funes is accused of diverting $810,000 from the foundation, according to an audit released Thursday. 

LATEST: Our Lady of the Lake fundraiser John Paul Funes took $810,000 and acted alone, audit says

"The forensic investigation also revealed two questionable issues that warranted we notify legal counsel for LSU," OLOL said in a Thursday statement. "Since we are not involved and the outcome does not impact our operations, we will not have any further details or comments on this issue."

LSU officials confirmed they were notified of the issues in late 2018 and said they notified the NCAA of both cases.

While one situation is not believed to have been an NCAA or compliance issue, the other involves "the hiring of a parent of a former LSU student-athlete from 2012-2015," according to the LSU statement.

Investigators asked LSU not to comment further.

Funes reportedly provided the money to pay the wages of the parent, according to sources familiar with the investigation.