A black LSU student, who claims the Halloween decorations she and her roommates had displayed outside their off-campus apartment were recently vandalized with hate speech, received uplifting words from Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton a day after she reported the incident.

In the letter, dated Oct. 20 and signed by the first woman to receive the presidential nomination from a major party, Clinton said she was "horrified and deeply concerned" to learn the decoration had been vandalized. Police are still investigating who wrote, "Go Back 2 Africa Nigger Monkeys" across the head of a decorative ghost Clarke Perkins and her roommates had hanging outside the door of their University House apartment.

Perkins, who worked as a digital intern over the summer at Clinton's campaign headquarters in New York City, said she has no idea how the Clinton campaign found out about the incident. She was shocked, but pleased when she received the letter in the mail.

Perkins, a junior and campus activist, reported the incident to the Baton Rouge Police Department Oct. 19. Cpl. Don Coppola, Jr., a Baton Rouge Police Department spokesman, said Tuesday the incident in still under investigation but they haven't come across any leads yet.

"Although information is limited, we feel someone out there knows something that could help us," Coppola said. "We ask that anyone with information call the Violent Crime Unit at (225) 389-4869."

Perkins, who writes for the university's student newspaper The Daily Reveille, said previously she suspects their apartment was targeted because of her politically-charged columns and because she’s been outspoken on social media about race-related issues at LSU.

In her letter to the Perkins, Clinton called what happened "atrocious, hateful behavior," but said she was pleased with how quickly the university addressed the matter and appeared committed to catching the perpetrator.

Clinton also used the letter as an opportunity to express why she is the better candidate to lead the country.

Perkins said the letter gives people a glimpse of why she loves Clinton so much.

"I didn't expect this. This just shows who she is," Perkins said. "Working in such close quarters with her team all summer I got to know what kind of person she is. I just hope other people can realize it."

Perkins said the university helped her and her roommate find new off-campus living arrangements after the incident.

After Perkins posted a photo of the vandalized ghost on her Twitter page, LSU President F. King Alexander reached out to her, offering his condolences and aid to law enforcement in finding and punishing the culprit.

Perkins posted a copy of the letter on Facebook late Monday, with the comment "She's so incredibly amazing. Can't wait to geaux vote tomorrow. #imwithher"

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