Police: Mother, father, brother pull guns, shoot at woman, boyfriend at Highland Road park _lowres


A Prairieville family’s armed confrontation with their daughter and her boyfriend at BREC’s Highland Road Community Park Tuesday night led to gunfire — and landed the victim’s mother, father and brother in jail on attempted murder and other counts.

The trio — Thaddeus J. Vallery Sr., 48, and Tiffany Vallery, 43, the victim’s parents, and Thaddeus J. Vallery Jr., 20, her brother — pulled into the park just before 8:30 p.m., each driving their own vehicles, and attempted to block their daughter and her boyfriend’s vehicles, according to an East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office report.

The victim’s mother, father and brother stepped out of their vehicles each armed with a handgun and surrounded the woman’s vehicle, the report says.

The Vallerys — all of 37430 Parkwood Ave. — used their pistols to beat on the victims’ cars, then pointed the weapons at the woman and her boyfriend and demanded they get out “or they would kill them,” the report says.

When the two victims finally managed to speed away, the family members opened fire at the fleeing vehicles, according to the report.

The woman and her boyfriend called 911, then hid in a nearby store while they waited for sheriff’s deputies, the report says.

When deputies arrived, they found broken windows on both of the victims’ vehicles “consistent with a person striking the windows” with a blunt object, the report says.

While examining a flat tire on the rear of the daughter’s vehicle, a deputy discovered what appeared to be a bullet hole in both the tire tread and the wheel well, the report says.

Additional evidence discovered at the Highland Road Park, in the 14000 block of Highland Road, also was consistent with the victims’ account of the attack, the report says.

Deputies found the three Vallerys still at the park, the report says.

The report does not say what motivated the attack or how the woman’s family knew where to find the two victims.

Casey Rayborn Hicks, a Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman, said the three suspects — who were booked into Parish Prison late Wednesday afternoon — refused to give statements to investigating detectives.

Hicks also said she didn’t have any information on the possible motive in the attack.

Deputies booked each of the Vallerys on two counts of attempted first-degree murder, two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, one count of aggravated criminal damage to property and one count of simple criminal damage to property.

Bail for the family had not been set as of 11 a.m. Thursday.

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