Police: Baton Rouge man accused of battering a woman resists arrest until subdued with stun gun blasts _lowres

Garaylin Patterson

A Baton Rouge man was arrested Thursday after he battered a woman and then fought back when police attempted to cuff him, according to a police report.

Garaylin Patterson, 34, is accused of pushing the woman to the ground, striking her several times in the face and dragging her down the stairs of a Baton Rouge home, the report says.

Baton Rouge Police stopped him before he drove away in the victim’s car, but Patterson resisted officers’ attempt to handcuff him, the report says.

Patterson grabbed one police officer’s jacket and tried to drag him to the ground, the report says. Police subdued him with two shots from a stun gun before they could successfully handcuff him.

In an incident in September, Patterson was arrested after he pulled the prongs off a stun gun and ran at an officer on the side of an interstate, according to the news account. He was eventually arrested that day after police subdued him with tear gas.

Patterson, 1919 Boulevard de Province, was booked Thursday into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on domestic abuse battery, unauthorized use of motor vehicle, resisting an officer and battery of a police officer.

Patterson’s bail is $23,000.