Kentrell DeSean Gaulden (copy)

Previous mugshot photo of Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, also known as rapper NBA YoungBoy. (Photo from Leon County Sheriff's Office)

A search warrant filed last week seeks a sample of NBA YoungBoy's DNA to determine any connection to a February incident outside a North Carolina nightclub that led police to question whether guns found inside a parked vehicle belonged to the Baton Rouge rapper. 

The search warrant is the latest source of trouble for NBA YoungBoy, whose real name is Kentrell Gaulden. He was detained Friday in Baton Rouge and is being held behind bars while a judge considers revoking his probation in a 2017 nonfatal shooting case, which would send him to prison for 10 years. He had received a suspended sentence. 

In a court hearing Friday, 19th Judicial District Judge Bonnie Jackson told Gaulden that she had reason to believe he had violated the condition of his probation that forbids social media use. She said a video posted online appears to show Gaulden "talking trash and smack" after a shootout in Miami earlier this month that left his girlfriend injured and a bystander dead.

Gaulden was in Miami to perform at a music festival, and the shooting occurred outside his hotel when unknown gunmen opened fire on the rapper's SUV. Members of Gaulden's entourage returned fire, resulting in the bystander's death.

The new search warrant was filed in 19th Judicial District Court, but it orders the DNA sample to be sent to investigators in North Carolina so they can compare it with DNA evidence gathered at the scene.

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East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore III said the search warrant was filed recently because Gaulden was expected to arrive in Baton Rouge for his probation review last week, not in response to the Miami gun violence that placed NBA YoungBoy's name back in national headlines this month. Authorities have said they're investigating whether the recent shootout resulted from possible ongoing beef between among multiple Baton Rouge rappers including Gaulden. 

Gaulden's attorney James Manasseh said his client has "voluntarily submitted to providing his DNA because he denies any wrongdoing in the North Carolina matter."

The search warrant was filed based on an affidavit from a detective in Charlotte who said that Gaulden and his entourage pulled up outside a nightclub in Charlotte on Feb. 17. Gaulden walked toward the door, but then quickly turned around and went back to the vehicle after appearing to have spotted metal detectors at the threshold. Then he returned and entered the club.

Later a police dog alerted its handler of Gaulden's SUV while sniffing multiple vehicles parked outside the club. Police searched the SUV once its occupants returned and found three guns.

The vehicle's driver, Marvin White, was arrested on possession of a stolen firearm and possession of marijuana, according to online arrest records. Gaulden wasn't arrested. 

It's not clear why the search warrant for his DNA was filed months after the incident occurred.

But North Carolina authorities said he's a convicted felon and therefore prohibited by law from possessing firearms. "The affiant further asserts due to Gaulden's actions at World Nightclub and the recovery locations of the firearms in the Infinity SUV, probable cause exists to say that these firearms were within his immediate control."

Gaulden is being held behind bars at least until his next court appearance on June 21, when the judge will determine whether to revoke his probation in the 2017 shooting case.

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