When Glenn Augillard dropped off his nephew Jamiya Owen on Saturday at a home on Alliquippa Street, he told him, “Be careful.”

But hours later, Baton Rouge police found Owen’s body along with Jeff Baker’s body at the Alliquippa Street house. The two had shot and killed each other early Sunday morning, police said.

The shootout was the fifth unrelated shooting that occurred over a violent weekend in Baton Rouge, which left four people dead and one wounded. It’s not known whether a sixth person was injured when he aimed a gun at police and police fired back; the man ran away before police could determine whether he had been struck.

In the most recent shooting on Sunday, officers believe that Owen, 38, and Baker, 34, knew each other and got into an argument about 5:30 a.m. before opening fire on each other, said Cpl. Don Coppola, a Baton Rouge police spokesman.

Officers arrived at the scene of the shooting at 3325 Alliquippa St. and found one man lying in the yard and one man inside the house, Capt. Archie Lee, a police spokesman, said in a news release. The two were pronounced dead at the scene.

The weekend’s violence began Saturday morning when police found Trevor Washington, 23, lying next to a vehicle in a driveway at 1407 N. 37th St., with multiple gunshot wounds, according to a police report.

Washington, of 1506 N. 37th St., told a witness he had gotten into a drug deal that turned sour and someone named “Mond” shot him, the report says. Washington also told a witness, “I’m dying,” before closing his eyes, according to the report. He was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Police determined that “Mond” referred to Demond Sanders, 26, and arrested him at his home at 1197 N. Acadian E. Thruway, the report said. He was booked into Parish Prison on counts of second-degree murder and illegal use of a weapon.

Later on Saturday, there was another shooting, which police said was accidental. David Edwards Jr., 17, was playing with a 9 mm handgun in his home when he shot and killed his 16-year-old friend Robert Thomas, 2949 McClelland Drive, Coppola said. Edwards, who lives on South Sunset Hill Avenue, was arrested and accused of negligent homicide.

About an hour later, there was yet another shooting, this one involving the Baton Rouge police officer. Two officers on motorcycles were chasing 21-year-old Jacob Washington after he refused to pull over for a traffic violation, Coppola said. Washington led police on a chase until he crashed his car near Plank Road and Bellvale Street, he said. Washington’s passenger emerged from the car, Coppola said, and aimed a gun at one of the officers. The other officer fired a single shot, Coppola said. It was unclear whether the shot hit the man, who took off running. He remained at large Sunday afternoon, Coppola said. His identity has not been released.

Police did arrest Washington, 5375 Fairfields Ave., for aggravated flight from an officer and other counts.

Later on Saturday, there was a fourth shooting, Coppola said, in which the victim is expected to live; however, he said he did not have any more details about where and when it occurred or who was involved.

The fifth shooting on Sunday morning was devastating for Owen’s uncle, who grew up near Alliquippa Street but now lives in Baker. He described the Alliquippa area as a “death trap.” He said he warned Owen repeatedly that he shouldn’t hang out there, but Owen would get rides into the area to see friends for a day at a time, though he primarily lived with his grandmother in Baker.

When Owen told his uncle he needed a ride to see a friend, Augillard didn’t ask his nephew to elaborate — Augillard wanted to get out of the area as fast as possible.

But Augillard remained so nervous about his nephew that he called Owen at about 11 p.m., hours after dropping him off, to see if he was OK. Owen picked up and said he was fine.

Gunfire erupted just hours later. Augillard was awakened by a phone call from a relative shortly afterward.

“I’m just feeling empty,” he said.

A family member of the other man killed in the Sunday shootout also was devastated. Latonya Baker, 23, said her brother seemed fine when she spoke to him on the phone late Saturday night.

“I’m really taking it hard,” Baker said. “I know it’s real; I’m just really in disbelief. I really feel like there’s more to the story. And I just want to know what really happened.”

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