In a year of monumental losses, cities across America saw murder rates climb alongside the coronavirus death toll.

At least 114 people lost their lives to violence in East Baton Rouge Parish, an unprecedented number of murders that broke all existing records. The previous high was 106 killings in 2017.

Dozens of young Black men left behind fatherless children and grieving parents. A toddler died almost instantly after a bullet pierced the walls of his family home, ricocheted off a dresser and lodged in his back. A Baton Rouge police officer was gunned down while protecting the public, trying to question a domestic violence suspect. 

Those are just a few of the lives lost, just a glimpse of the monumental impacts. 

The Advocate tracks intentional and unjustified killings per FBI crime reporting standards. In addition to tracking the data, Advocate reporters focused on documenting the human toll of violence in 2020 — through interviews with surviving relatives, court records and police reports: a list of 114 people whose futures were stolen. 

These are their stories.

Jan. 1

Joah Ross

Joah Ross and his two daughters, ages 7 and 3

Joah Ross was shot to death at his mother's house in the Fairfields neighborhood. His death was mistakenly ruled a drug overdose because investigators failed to adequately examine the body. He was 26.

Bryan Keith Price was arrested and recently charged with second-degree murder.

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Jan. 4

Police found Kayzon Tenner, 24, suffering from gunshot wounds on St. Rose Avenue, not far from Baton Rouge Magnet High. He later died at the hospital.

No arrests have been made.

Jan. 12

Dynovan "Duck" Johnson died following an afternoon shooting off Plank Road. He was 20. "One of our own has been called to his eternal home at a young age," a relative commented on a Louisiana Vikings youth football team webpage. Police later received a tip about the suspected shooter. Deunta Brown, 19, claimed self-defense but witnesses said otherwise. He was charged with second-degree murder.

Jan. 13

Chedrick Golphin

Chedrick Golphin

Chedrick Golphin, a New Roads police officer and bounty hunter, was found shot to death inside a vehicle on Lanier Drive. He was 44 and left behind three children.

Police later arrested a woman he was dating. Latory Richard has been charged with manslaughter and obstruction of justice.

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Jan. 15

Michael Creel Jr. is accused of scheduling a massage for Daniel Lewis and driving a masseuse to his home, then shooting him and fleeing the scene. Lewis, 25, died from his injuries. Creel, of Plaquemine, was recently indicted on second-degree murder and other charges.

Jan. 19

Reginald Thomas, 38, ran across West Brookstown Drive seeking help after he was shot. The manager of a nearby homeless shelter held him until medics arrived, but Thomas later died at the hospital. The case remains unsolved.

Jan. 24

Julius Williams, 39, was found with multiple gunshot wounds in Old South Baton Rouge near McKinley Middle School. Police later arrested a man who is accused of shooting Williams during a confrontation, then leaving his handgun at the scene. Cornelius Calloway was charged with second-degree murder.

Feb. 1

Lester Kinchen, 50, died on the scene after a shooting on North 39th Street. His family has been decimated by gun violence. His cousin Linda Kinchen wants justice, but the case remains unsolved. "Everybody just stops talking about it after a while," she said several months ago.

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Feb. 4

Neville Allen

Neville Allen

When Denise Tatney took a break from baking king cakes at the Culinary Institute of Louisiana, she looked outside and saw her son collapsed in the parking lot. Neville Allen, 22, later died from gunshot wounds in his mother's arms. He was a 2015 graduate of Port Allen High School who loved drawing and painting. Another young man, Trebien Adams, was arrested and accused of killing Allen because he was jealous over a woman. He has since been indicted on second-degree murder. "Nobody has respect for life anymore," Tatney said.

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Feb. 8

Gyron LeBeuf

Gyron LeBeuf

Gyron LeBeuf, 17, was headed to the Mall of Louisiana to buy his mom a birthday present when he was shot to death. He was a high school junior and basketball player. "He was funny. Everybody loved him," his mom said. Three other teenagers were arrested. Freddie Tate and Ihmond Street were later indicted on second-degree murder charges, though police have not indicated a possible motive. The third and youngest suspect was prosecuted in juvenile court.

Feb. 9

Tyler Batiste, 20, answered a knock at the door and was met with gunfire. He died after being shot several times in a neighborhood off Gardere Lane. Johntrell Banks, 17, was later arrested. He has been indicted on second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder — the second charge stemming from a separate Feb. 13 incident.

Feb. 14

Investigators estimated that Derrick Christophe, 40, had been dead for at least 12 hours when his father, Ellsworth Hull, contacted police. Hull was later arrested and charged with second-degree murder; he’s accused of beating his disabled son to death. Detectives also found evidence Hull cleaned up the scene.

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Feb. 17

Juan "Doodie" Quiett, 26, was shot and killed in a parking lot on Plank Road following an argument. He left behind four children. Tyus Thomas and Karon Young were both arrested on second-degree murder. Young, who is accused of pulling the trigger, was indicted in June. The grand jury declined to indict Thomas.

March 1

Louis "Scooter" Cryer, 28, was shot multiple times on Cambridge Street when a vehicle drove by and someone fired at him. He was hospitalized and later died. His case remains unsolved.

March 4

Keandre Wolf

Keandre Wolf holding his newborn niece.

Keandre Wolf and his friend were shot inside a house in Old South Baton Rouge. That was not the first time Wolf, 25, had been wounded in gunfire. He later died at the hospital. "The amount of gun violence all around us — it's just horrible," his mom said the next day. David Franklin III was later arrested and charged with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder. A gun found in his home matched ballistic evidence collected from the scene. 

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March 5

A second suspect in the shooting that killed Wolf, Ahmed Muhammad, was found shot to death the following day in the same Old South Baton Rouge neighborhood. Police said there was no hard evidence the two killings were connected. Detectives have not determined who killed Muhammad. He was 25.

March 11

Joshua Roberts, 36, was killed in an afternoon shooting on Central Road in Scotlandville. Later that evening, an unrelated incident left John Armstrong, 51, suffering from gunshot wounds on North 44th Street. He also died from his injuries. Police released few details about either case, though arrests were made in both. Keith Andre Brown and Chadwick Alexander were accused of killing Roberts and later indicted on second-degree murder and armed robbery. Rickey Allen Anderson was accused of killing Armstrong and indicted on second-degree murder.

March 12

There was so much construction noise in a subdivision off Staring Lane that neighbors did not hear the gunshot. Sullivan Lane Jr., 52, was shot in his home just before 1 p.m. His wife, Lindy Lane, said the two were fighting when she armed herself with a .40-caliber handgun. She was initially arrested on manslaughter, but a grand jury found insufficient evidence to indict her. 

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March 13

Jordan Lee, 20, arrived at a local hospital with gunshot wounds. He had been shot on North 36th Street and later died from his injuries, police said. The case has not been solved.

March 19

After 21-year-old Reginald Jefferson was found dead at a Plank Road gas station, police arrested Keon Jarvis and his mother, Latoya Jarvis, in the incident. Police said surveillance footage showed the suspects fighting with Jefferson before Keon Jarvis shot him. A second victim was also injured. Keon Jarvis was indicted on second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder. His mother was charged with obstruction of justice.

March 20

Christian Dunbar, 17, was found shot to death in the backyard of his home at the Perkins Cove apartment complex off Perkins Road. The case remains unsolved. Later that night, 37-year-old Travis "T-baby" Parker was killed when someone shot up a house in the Brookstown neighborhood, striking him and a woman who survived her injuries. Parker left behind six children. No arrests have been made.

March 29

Police found Jason Nixon, 36, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds in the parking lot of Cousins Food Mart on Airline Highway. He died at the hospital. No arrests have been made.

April 7

Joshua Andrews, 21, was shot and killed during an argument. He was found in a parking lot on Rosenwald Road in Scotlandville. Another young man, Leon Frank Harris, was arrested and later indicted on second-degree murder. Harris admitted to firing his gun until he ran out of bullets, police said.

April 8

James Brannon pulled a gun on his twin stepdaughters and killed them both before fatally shooting himself one day after his wife died from a long illness, according to police. Deborah Watts Ross and Beverly Ross, both 48, were both pronounced dead in their mother's house on Martin Drive in Zachary. Police say an argument over funeral arrangements may have preceded the shooting. The sisters "entered and left this world together," relatives wrote in their obituaries.

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April 10

Police said Bryon Caston shot and killed 32-year-old Daisy Blake after he accused her of stealing money from him. Officials called the homicide an act of domestic violence. Caston was indicted on second-degree murder.

April 22

Demetri Phillips

Demetri Phillips

When her son was arrested on gun possession counts, Tiffany Phillips bailed him out because she feared he would catch the coronavirus behind bars. He was killed two days after his release. Police said Demetri Phillips, 21, was found with gunshot wounds inside a vehicle parked near his family's house on North 24th Street. He left behind a girlfriend and their infant daughter. He never got a chance to achieve his dream of becoming a chef. "He was really trying to find himself," his mother said. No arrests have been made. 

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April 26

Glenn Hutto Jr.

Glenn Hutto Jr.

After an argument with his girlfriend, Ronnie Kato followed her to her mother's house, where he kicked down the door and started shooting, police said. His girlfriend's stepfather, Curtis Richardson, 56, was killed in the gunfire. Kato then fled to a different house where two Baton Rouge police officers attempted to contact him about the earlier homicide. He shot and killed Lt. Glenn Hutto Jr., 45, during the encounter, police said. Hutto had served for 21 years with the department. He was remembered as a man of true courage who led by example. Another officer was critically injured during the encounter. Kato was indicted on two counts of first-degree murder. 

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April 26

Ryan Hord

A family member shows a picture of Ryan Hord, a former Baton Rouge police officer, who was fatally shot near his home on Sunday night, in a confrontation with a vehicle burglary suspect.

Former Baton Rouge police Officer Ryan Hord was killed after confronting someone attempting to break into his truck near his house in the Capital Heights area. The two exchanged gunfire and Hord, 41, died at the scene in the arms of his fiancée. He left behind a teenage son. Hord had served with the Police Department before starting a contracting business several years ago. The suspected burglar, Craig Willis, was later arrested and indicted on second-degree murder and other charges.

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May 13

Two young men had planned a firearm trade but the exchange devolved into shots fired. Trent Jones, 18, was killed in the shooting, which occurred on San Juan Drive off Hooper Road. Daylon Banks was arrested and charged with manslaughter.

May 15

Delence Bradford, 31, was found shot to death in her home on Linden Street near North Acadian Thruway. The case remains unsolved.

May 16

Christopher LeDuff, 42, was shot near College Drive. He was taken to the hospital, where he died a week later. He left behind four children. His case has not been solved.

May 18

Authorities found Christopher Robinson, 25, shot to death in his front yard on St. Katherine Avenue, a residential street off Airline Highway and McClelland Drive. Gregory Godfrey was arrested and indicted on second-degree murder.

May 19

Saydie Thomas

Saydie Thomas and her mom, Patricia Olson

Baton Rouge police were conducting a welfare check at an apartment on West Brookstown Drive when they found Saydie Thomas, 24, and Roland Franklin, 38, dead in their apartment. Thomas had been strangled and Franklin stabbed to death. Thomas had been complaining about her unhealthy relationship with Franklin and was scraping together the money to return home to Michigan, family said. Albert Carter was later arrested and indicted on two counts of second-degree murder in the killings. No motive has been released.

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May 22

Freddie Banks, 29, was found shot to death inside a house on Poydras Avenue, a neighborhood off Perkins Road. After detectives interviewed witnesses and reviewed surveillance footage, they concluded that the shooting occurred after Banks presented counterfeit bills to purchase marijuana and then reached for his waistband, records show. Three men were arrested: Juan Banks (no relation to Freddie), Eddie Turner and Emmett Hills. Juan Banks and Turner were later indicted, but not on murder charges — a grand jury accused them of selling drugs and false imprisonment. Juan Banks also faces obstruction of justice for allegedly removing the drugs and leaving the scene. Hills was not indicted. Detectives said he had been held at gunpoint following the fatal shooting, prevented from immediately leaving the scene.

June 2

Neketa Battieste is accused of fatally stabbing Oscar Davis, 49, during an altercation inside their home on Duane Street. Authorities said the two were acquaintances. Battieste was arrested and indicted on manslaughter.

June 6

Kinnedy Smith

Kinnedy Smith, 21. She graduated from LSU in December 2019.

After 27-year-old Connor Regan stabbed his girlfriend to death, he called 911 to report the incident from his car as he fled the scene, police said. Kinnedy Smith, 21, had been in a relationship with Regan for about a year and a half before her death. Her loved ones described Regan as chronically abusive. He was arrested and indicted on second-degree murder. Smith had recently graduated from LSU with a degree in international studies. She planned to travel the world. 

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June 7

Not long after Taylor Dean and Blaine Robertson showed up at a house on Hooper Road, Dean started arguing with the homeowner, Richard Leray, who went to his bedroom and retrieved his rifle. Leray then shot Dean in the head, authorities said. While Dean, 33, lay dying on the floor, Leray and Robertson smoked narcotics and cigarettes while discussing what to do with the body, detectives said. Both were later arrested. A grand jury chose to charge Leray with second-degree murder but declined to indict Robertson as a principal. That same day, Eldres Mills, 19, was a bystander to a domestic dispute that devolved into gunfire. He was in the passenger seat of a vehicle when another bystander — an uninvolved neighbor who told deputies he fired his gun to scare the other parties and get their attention — shot and killed Mills, allegedly by accident. The incident occurred off Sullivan Road in Central. Prosecutors took the case to a grand jury, which declined to indict the neighbor, Lil Norman Bell, after his arrest on a murder count. Other people involved are also facing charges.

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June 12

Deontre Phillip, 20, arrived at the hospital in a private vehicle and was later pronounced dead. Police said the shooting may have been drug related. After Christopher Golmond was arrested several weeks later in an unrelated homicide, detectives linked him to Phillip's death as well. He has since been indicted on second-degree murder.

June 13

Jarvis Mabry was found shot to death in the driver's seat of a vehicle on Chippewa Street. At age 31, he left behind a wife and two daughters. The case remains unsolved. Several hours later, firefighters responded to a brush fire on Spanish Town Road and discovered the burned body of 25-year-old Courtney Lee. She had died from multiple gunshot wounds. Kim Powell was arrested and indicted on second-degree murder. Police have not released a motive in the killing.

June 22

Gary Fielding, 29, and a 21-year-old woman were shot in an incident that occurred off Plank Road. Fielding died from his injuries, while the woman survived. Trenton Taplin was arrested and indicted on second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder.

June 27

Jerome Kinchen

Jerome Kinchen

Jerome Kinchen, 34, was killed in a shootout in the parking lot of Ragusa Meat Market on Gus Young Avenue, around the corner from his house. He was working at a civil engineering firm downtown and left behind two young children. A second man was also injured in the shooting. Armon Reneil Wilson was arrested and indicted on second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder. Police didn't disclose a motive but said the evidence included surveillance video. 

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June 29

Burnell Williams, 40, and Jeremy Sincere, 26, were found suffering from gunshot wounds in a vehicle on Avenue E. They both died at the scene. A bloody latex glove left in a car driven by Demarcus Jones led detectives to his arrest. Jones was indicted on two counts of second-degree murder, along with other charges. Police have not indicated a possible motive. 

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July 4 

Antwan Miller

Antwan Miller

Antwan Miller was visiting a friend in Baton Rouge for the July Fourth holiday — more than an hourlong drive from his rural hometown of Kentwood — when his mother was notified he had been shot. Miller died a month before his 19th birthday, gunned down by someone in a passing vehicle on East Buchanan Street while he was standing on a front porch. Two other people were also shot. The case remains unsolved. 

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July 10

Jamarcus Thomas, 25, was shot and killed in a neighborhood off Old Hammond Highway and North Sherwood Forest Boulevard. Authorities found him lying in the front yard with several gunshot wounds. His case remains unsolved.

July 12

Dunte Anderson, 25, was one of at least seven people injured in a mass shooting outside an Exxon gas station on Plank Road. Anderson was found in a nearby field with gunshot wounds and later died of his injuries. The shooting happened during a large gathering: Hundreds of people had congregated there to socialize since coronavirus restrictions had closed most bars and nightclubs. Police collected 178 shell casings from the scene and traced them to 32 separate guns. Officers later cracked down on such street parties but have not determined who was responsible for the bullet that killed Anderson. 

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July 15

Cody Hypolite, 27, and Jermaine Jarvis, 37 — both hardworking chefs, fathers and friends — were gunned down while sitting on Hypolite's porch. The two men died minutes apart. Hypolite's girlfriend was also injured, but survived. Dedric White was arrested and indicted on two counts of second-degree murder and one count of attempted second-degree murder. Authorities have not disclosed a motive but said they don't believe Hypolite and Jarvis were the shooter's intended targets.

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July 22

A group was filming a rap video when gunshots rang out and several people fled the scene, leaving no witnesses for detectives to interview. D'Andre Mills, 25, and Landon Johnson, 31, died in the shooting. The video shoot was happening on Dalton Street near North Acadian Thruway, but police were unable to name the rap group that was filming. The case remains unsolved.

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July 27

Queasha Hardy

Queasha Hardy's sister Keyerra Henderson (left) and mother, Rosalyn Henderson, stand next to a cardboard cutout of their loved one, who was found shot to death July 27 outside a Baton Rouge apartment complex in the 1700 block of North Harco Drive. No arrests have been made in the case.

Queasha Hardy, a Baton Rouge hairstylist and transgender woman, was gunned down outside of an apartment complex. Police said they do not believe Hardy was targeted for being transgender but her case remains unsolved. She was 24, well known and loved within the local LGBTQ community.

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July 30

Destinee Winston, 20, was hospitalized in critical condition after an afternoon shooting in which Christopher Golmond is accused of pulling the trigger, then placing the victim into a vehicle. She died days later. Officials classified the homicide as an act of domestic violence and said Golmond disposed of the weapon. He was also linked to a June homicide.

Aug. 4

Loston Tiner Jr.

Loston Tiner Jr. (left) and his older brother, Marcus.

Loston Tiner Jr., 21, was found with multiple gunshot wounds in the parking lot of an apartment complex on South Flannery Road not far from his house. The young man was still growing up, his family said. He was working to earn his GED and start a career in carpentry. No arrests have been made. 

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Aug. 5

Police found Tremayne Dabney, 28, dead from a gunshot wound inside a house on Sherwood Street. Officials released few details about the case, which remains unsolved.

Aug. 6

Alonge "AJ" McClain, 19, was shot and killed during an armed robbery on La Annie Drive. He was a graduate of Hahnville High School and budding rap star, relatives wrote in his obituary. Two men were arrested in the case: Lazarius Johnson and Cortez Watson. Both have been indicted on second-degree murder and armed robbery. Johnson faces an additional count of carjacking.

Aug. 12

David Williams, 20, was found outside his house on Kilona Drive with gunshot injuries. Deputies said the shooting occurred when two people — Jarrell Newman and his teenage cousin David Duncan — went there to buy drugs. Newman told police that Duncan shot the victim when a disagreement over the transaction ensued. Duncan has been indicted on second-degree murder. Newman and another person, Jada Butler, were charged as accessories after the fact. Butler is accused of giving rides to the other suspects after being informed about the shooting.

Aug. 14

A man and woman were arrested days after Donald Carlton, 66, was found dead inside his pickup truck on Greenwell Street. Police said they believe the shooting occurred during a robbery. The suspects, Derrick Holmes and LaShanta Williams, have both been indicted — Holmes on second-degree murder and Williams as an accessory after the fact.

Aug. 15

Nizual Whittine, 19, was shot and killed during an attempted robbery on Delaware Street near Dalton Street. Another victim was also wounded in the shooting. Two men about the same age, Treavon Lowery and D'Quan Lee, were arrested and indicted on second-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder and armed robbery. Police said detectives used DNA evidence and investigative interviews to solve the case.

Aug. 19

Despite numerous red flags and past court intervention to address repeated domestic abuse cases, Brandon Phillips fatally stabbed his girlfriend, Bridgette Seals, in his Zachary home. Phillips had been arrested several weeks earlier in an incident involving the same victim and had recently completed drug treatment. He was allowed to return home, though there was a protective order prohibiting contact with Seals, 39. He died from suicide inside the Baton Rouge jail four days after her death. 

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Aug. 20

Charles Henry Slan Jr., 30, was shot to death inside his apartment while another occupant jumped out a window to escape the gunfire, suffering injuries to her legs from the fall. Slan worked for a company specializing in industrial cleaning services for chemical plants and was a lifelong Baton Rouge resident, according to his obituary. The shooting, which occurred just north of Florida Boulevard in the Sherwood Forest area, has not been solved.

Aug. 21

Marshanda Taylor

Marlina Taylor stands in her front yard, holding a collage of photos memorializing her sister. Marshanda Taylor, 21, was killed Aug. 21 when someone shot up the house she was staying in, according to Baton Rouge police. She left behind an infant daughter and 3-year-old son. The case remains unsolved.

Marshanda Taylor, 21, died after someone shot up a house in Scotlandville, killing her but sparing several other occupants — including her infant daughter.

She also left behind a toddler son, and the case remains unsolved.

Several hours later, another life was cut short when Logan LaCombe, 20, was shot to death during a suspected drug deal in the parking lot of the Jefferson Shadows apartment complex near Bluebonnet Boulevard.

Logan LaCombe

Logan LaCombe and his sister Jordan LaCombe.

Joshua Juvon Johnson was arrested in Mississippi not long after the shooting, and deputies issued a warrant for his brother. Dominik Johnson is the alleged triggerman but he remains at large.

Read more about Taylor's case here and LaCombe's case here.

Aug. 22

Danny Buckley, 61, was gunned down while panhandling outside Trader Joe's. Buckley was unarmed and out of reach at the time of the shooting, detectives found. Jace Boyd, who admitted to firing the shot that killed Buckley and claimed self-defense, was initially questioned by police and released. Boyd was later arrested after public outcry and comments from the mayor-president. He was booked into jail on second-degree murder and illegal use of a weapon. 

Read more here and here.

Sept. 4

Pauliqua Evans, 22, was shot and killed at a Tigerland apartment complex in front of her children. Police arrested Vernell Lockett on second-degree murder. Officials labeled the case a domestic incident but released few other details. Court records show Lockett had been arrested in connection with a 2019 homicide but released from jail in February after a grand jury found insufficient evidence to support an indictment in that case. Later the same day, 3-year-old Ibrie Combs was killed in a drive-by shooting on South Flannery Road. The toddler was in a car heading northbound when its driver — her father — attempted to pass another car. That driver then sped up and opened fire, striking the child. The car her father was driving crashed after the shooting and he was taken to the hospital with injuries. Ibrie died at the scene. No arrests have been made. 

Read more about Ibrie's case here.

Sept. 6

A triple shooting on Choctaw Drive left Jason Johnson, 44, dead and two other men injured. Johnson left behind several children. He owned a party bus and trucking company, family wrote in his obituary. Kentro Taylor was arrested in Illinois. He faces first-degree murder, attempted-first degree murder and felon in possession of a firearm counts. Police said Taylor had ambushed the three shooting victims while they were working on a lawnmower and fired at least 30 rounds, then fled the scene. Detectives reviewed video evidence showing the suspect "lying in wait" across the street from the victims in the moments before the shooting. Detectives also suggested Taylor was acting out of revenge because one of the victims knew something about a shooting several years ago in which Taylor was injured. 

Sept. 8

Marcus Rucker, 49, was shot on South Eugene Street while driving his car in the early morning. He died weeks later from his injuries at the hospital. His case remains unsolved.

Sept. 9

Daryl "Wayne" Chaney, 45, was shot and killed in the middle of Convention Street around 2 p.m. A witness said the shooter fired at least seven rounds, then fled the scene on foot. No arrests have been made.

Sept. 11

Christopher Fields, 18, was killed in a shooting on North Ardenwood Drive. He left behind an unborn daughter. Police arrested Javonta Broden, who had recently been released from jail on bond after being arrested in a Mother's Day mass shooting. He was booked on one count of second-degree murder in Fields' killing.

Sept. 13

Freddie Thomas, 27, was shot and killed on Henderson Avenue, near Plank Road and Hollywood Street. Officials released few details about the shooting but said "large quantities of marijuana were found" inside the house where Thomas was shot. No arrests have been made.

Sept. 14

Te'Qurrian "TQ" Baptiste, 18, was killed in an afternoon shooting on Winbourne Avenue near Istrouma High School. Someone shot into his car while Baptiste and his passenger were stopped at a red light. The car then veered off the road and struck a utility pole, police said. Both were taken to the hospital where Baptiste later died. The case remains unsolved.

Sept. 16

When Brenda Mullens refused to open the door for her ex-boyfriend, Davyon Bentley, he opened fire and killed her, police said. Mullens, 40, left behind three children who were home when the shooting occurred. Detectives had issued a warrant for Bentley's arrest two months before the shooting, alleging he forced himself into another ex-girlfriend's apartment and fired two shots in front of her and several children. He was ultimately taken into custody in Denver and booked in Baton Rouge on first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder and several other counts.

Read more here.

Oct. 2

Anthony Marshall, 39, was found suffering from gunshot wounds on North Foster Drive. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he died, leaving behind a daughter and fiancée. Gerald Williams and Breanna Douglas were both arrested in the shooting. Williams was booked on first-degree murder and assault by drive-by shooting, while Douglas was booked on principal to first-degree murder and assault by drive-by shooting. She was later charged as an accessory after the fact. Williams has not yet been indicted. Police said he and Marshall had an "ongoing feud" stemming from an earlier fight inside a West Baton Rouge bar, when Williams was stabbed and Marshall was listed as a suspect in the assault. However, Marshall's family disputes that assessment, saying he was also a victim in the stabbing. Detectives used surveillance video and investigative interviews to solve the case.

Oct. 3

Francisco "Franky" Koslowski, 21, was shot and killed outside an apartment complex on Highland Road near Lee Drive. He was a graduate of Iberville High School, resident of St. Gabriel and native of El Salvador, according to his obituary. Investigators believe he and Juan Contreras, who was dating Koslowski's ex-girlfriend, were involved in an altercation before the shooting. Witnesses told police that the victim and his friends went to confront the ex-girlfriend, at which point Contreras threatened them with a shotgun. Koslowski took the gun away and started to leave the scene when Contreras shot him from a balcony using a different weapon. Contreras, who claimed he shot in self-defense, was later booked on one count of second-degree murder. 

Oct. 11

Christian Cobb, 25, was leaving a convenience store parking lot on Airline Highway when a bullet struck her in the head. She died several days later at the hospital. Police said she was a bystander trying to avoid the shootout. Her case remains unsolved.

Oct. 14

Malik Pitcher, 24, was killed and a woman was injured after someone shot into their car while they were driving on Evangeline Street. Police said a vehicle pulled up alongside the victims and an occupant started shooting. No arrests have been made.

Oct. 15

Azariah Thomas

Azariah Thomas

As part of what police called a violent rampage targeting his relatives and associates across Baton Rouge, Kendrick Myles is accused of shooting up a house in Zion City, killing Azariah Thomas, 2. Police said the child was almost certainly not the intended target.

Myles was arrested after a standoff with police and booked on the following counts: first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder, illegal use of a weapon, felon in possession of a firearm and home invasion. 

Read more here.

Oct. 16

Brandon Chatman, 25, was shot and killed at a North Ardenwood Drive apartment complex after he went to retrieve some belongings and began to argue with his child's mother. Malecah Demoulin also joined the argument. Police said Chatman was shot several times and his body was found on the upstairs walkway of the apartment complex. Demoulin fled the scene and was later arrested in the Lake Charles area. He was booked on second-degree murder. Relatives wrote in Chatman's obituary that they hope his 2-year-old son "will be able to fondly remember his dad."

Oct. 18

Brian Bush, 48, was shot and killed on North Foster Drive near Bradley Street. He was a truck driver with 84 Lumber, according to his obituary. "These shootings are an everyday thing now," a Baton Rouge resident said at the crime scene. The case has not been solved.

Oct. 25

Romeca Allen, 46, and an 18-year-old woman were shot in a vehicle on Webb Drive near Winbourne Avenue. Allen was taken to a hospital and later died from her injuries. She left behind three children and two grandchildren. No arrests have been made.

Oct. 28

Lehmann Stewart Jr., 61, was shot and killed outside of his vehicle on Hollywood Street. His case remains unsolved.

Oct. 31

Justin Abadie, 37, was shot while sitting in a car near Mohican Street. He was found suffering from gunshot wounds and brought to a hospital where he later died. No arrests have been made.

Nov. 1

Coby Beauchamp

Coby Beauchamp and his infant daughter.

The family of 19-year-old Coby Beauchamp worried after he went missing following a reported shooting in the Shenandoah subdivision. Nearly two weeks after Beauchamp's disappearance, his body was found behind a shed near where the shooting took place. Relatives remembered his infectious laugh. They said he was a proud father to his infant daughter. Authorities arrested Dayne Amman on second-degree murder. 

Read more here.

Nov. 2

Derrick Sims Jr., 20, was found dead following an afternoon shooting in the Howell Park neighborhood. Davon Harris was booked on first-degree murder. Later that evening, Alexis Griffin, 26, was shot to death by the father of her two children outside of an apartment complex on North Ardenwood Drive, according to police. Griffin's 4-year-old son witnessed the shooting as his mother tried to run away. Joshua Jermaine Matthews was arrested on second-degree murder and illegal use of a weapon. 

Read more about Griffin's case here.

Nov. 6

John Mitchell, 28, died following a late morning shooting at the Jaguar Tire Shop on Scenic Highway. His case remains unsolved. Several hours later, Donald Dunn, 37, was shot multiple times inside his vehicle on Winbourne Avenue and died from his injuries. No arrests have been made.

Nov. 8

Dylan Clouatre

Dylan Clouatre and his son.

Dylan Clouatre, 23, was shot and killed inside his Burbank Drive apartment near LSU. Daniel Ellis, a neighbor in the same complex, showed up to the apartment and began to fight with Clouatre before shooting him, according to police. Clouatre's roommate shot at Ellis, who was wounded and later arrested. He was booked on one count of first-degree murder. "It really makes me sick that someone can be so reckless and coldhearted," Clouatre's mother said. Her toddler grandson is now growing up fatherless. 

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Nov. 12

Desmond Perryman, 28, was found lying in a yard on North 40th Street suffering from gunshot wounds. He died at the scene. His case remains unsolved.

Nov. 20

The body of 29-year-old Joshua Turner was found at the Vel Rose Motel on Airline Highway. He died from gunshot wounds. Police said robbery appeared to be the motive, but no arrests have been made. That was the first homicide in what became a bloody day. Several hours later, Timothy McCoy was trying to rob Wise Communications, a cellphone store on Sherwood Forest Boulevard, when he shot and killed the business owner, Mahmod Khalaf, according to police. McCoy tried to escape on foot, but another witness to the robbery shot him to death outside the store. Police called the man who intervened a "good Samaritan" and have not arrested him. Khalaf, 48, was a longtime fixture at his store and beloved along that stretch of Sherwood Forest Boulevard. Later that night, Brian Dawson, 54, was shot and killed during another robbery on Aster Street. Dereck Hayes and a juvenile were both arrested soon after the shooting and booked into jail on first-degree murder.

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Nov. 24

Makayla Johnson, 21, was shot to death in her car outside an apartment building in Baker — the city's first homicide in two years. Justin McCrainey turned himself in soon after. Detectives believe there was an earlier dispute involving Johnson and McCrainey's girlfriend. McCrainey was booked on one count of first-degree murder, among other counts.

Nov. 27

Christopher Worley, 32, was found suffering from a gunshot wound on Burbank Drive. He was taken to a hospital where he died from his injuries, leaving behind three children. No arrests have been made.

Nov. 28

Jamie Fortenberry, 22, was shot on North Carrollton Avenue in the Lobdell area. He died weeks later in the hospital. His case remains unsolved.

Nov. 29

Lloyd McDonald, 47, was found shot to death in his vehicle on Huron Street. The case remains unsolved.

Dec. 1

Van Vaughn, 50, was shot in the head during an argument and died in the hospital three days later. Kevin Tasker Jr., who was arrested shortly after the shooting, said he shot Vaughn while the two were fighting and that he believed his opponent was reaching for a gun. However, detectives said Vaughn was unarmed and on the ground when Tasker fired. He faces a second-degree murder count.

Dec. 2

Kendell Moss, 25, was found shot to death inside his Gardere apartment, though authorities are unsure when the shooting actually occurred. No arrests have been made. Later that day, Brandon Childs, 23, and a teenager were injured in a shooting near Choctaw Drive. Childs died from his injuries. That case also remains unsolved.

Dec. 4

Lisa Willey, 48, was found dead from unspecified injuries in her apartment on North Marque Ann Drive. She was a lifelong Baton Rouge resident and left behind a daughter. Officials with the Coroner's Office said her death was definitely a homicide but declined to release her exact cause of death, citing the ongoing police investigation. No arrests have been made. Hours after finding Willey, police responded to reports of a shooting that killed 14-year-old Reginald Lewis Jr. He was shot multiple times outside his home on Topeka Street. The case remains unsolved.

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Dec. 9

Clarence Augustus, 36, was found in a vehicle suffering from a gunshot wound on South 20th Street. He was taken to the hospital where he died, leaving behind four children. Jarvis Bowie, 20, was taken into custody by the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force in early January. He was booked into jail on first-degree murder and assault by drive-by shooting.

Dec. 11

James Queen Jr., 40, was shot and killed at an apartment complex on North Ardenwood Drive — the third homicide in several weeks reported at Serenity Apartments. He was found lying on the ground near a building with multiple gunshot wounds and died at the scene. He left behind four children and the case remains unsolved.

Dec. 13

Daaron Sanford was walking down North Foster Drive late at night when he was shot. He later died in a hospital. Police believe someone in a passing vehicle fired at Sanford, 26. His case remains unsolved.

Dec. 14

Terrance Nealond, 28, was fatally shot on Eaton Street near Mohican Street following an altercation. Linwood Watson was arrested days later on second-degree murder and illegal use of a weapon.

Dec. 20

Orlando Johnson, 19, died after a shooting in Baker in the 5000 block of Weston Avenue — almost the same place where a woman was shot in November. A juvenile was also injured in the shooting. The case remains unsolved.

Dec. 22

In another shooting in Baker, where gun violence is relatively rare, Thomas Wayne "TJ" Joseph is accused of shooting a contractor doing work on his house during a disagreement about the quality of his craftsmanship. Troy Williams, 55, later died. The argument started over the trim around a door frame, according to the Baker police chief. "It was that menial of an issue, and things went downhill from there involving a gun," he said. Joseph is wanted on one count of second-degree murder and six counts of attempted second-degree murder. 

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