Screenshot from Facebook video

Screenshot from Facebook video

A Baton Rouge man was arrested on attempted first-degree murder after he shot a woman in the leg following a large fight between two families on Beechwood Street.

Trevon Deanthony Maze, 18, was booked Thursday night on both the attempted murder count and illegal use of a weapon. His is the latest in a series of arrests following an Aug. 24 brawl that erupted in gunfire at least twice.

The incident also left a handful of people injured after a car plowed through the fighting crowd at one point. 

After the fight ended, a woman armed herself with a handgun and chased several people onto Sycamore Street, according to the arrest report from Baton Rouge Police. She fired a single shot and then returned to her home.

Maze, however, grabbed a handgun and returned to the scene two minutes later, where he fired at a group of people on Beechwood Drive. A woman was struck in the leg by gunfire, the arrest report says.

Police were able to locate Maze as the culprit after reviewing video surveillance. 

Other defendants in the incident include Anntaesha McDowell, 24, of Baker, who was booked on illegal use of a weapon, and Sametria Franklin, 18, who was booked on four counts of attempted first-degree murder for driving her car into a crowd of people.