Kevin Gates

Photo from the Instagram of Kevin Gates

Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates allegedly flashed handfuls of $100 dollar bills inside Elayn Hunt Correctional Center in St. Gabriel while visiting his father and other friends who are inmates there, according to the Louisiana Department of Corrections.

Gates posted a series of photos on his Instagram page Monday with his location tagged as Elayn Hunt Correctional Center. One photo showed him sitting with a group of inmates as he fanned out dozens of $100 bills.

"As indicated in the photograph, it appears Mr. Gates had a large sum of cash, which is unacceptable, and a violation," said department spokesman Ken Pastorick. "It is against Elayn Hunt Correctional Center policy to bring case exceeding $300 into the prison, and any amount above that is considered contraband."

Pastorick said Gates is on the visitation list for his father, Lee Lucas, which means he has signed documentation acknowledging the prison's policies. 

An investigation is underway concerning the photographs, Pastorick said. It's unclear what penalties Gates could face.

"I went up to the Prison today to visit #LeeLucus #CMurder #Mac #BigMarlo and #Cornbread everybody in these photos have been gone over 20 years," Gates wrote in his Instagram post.

Pastorick said inmates who work for the prison magazine routinely take photos of other inmates with their loved ones and then give the visitors copies of the photos. That appears to be how Gates had the photos taken.

Editor's note: This article was changed on July 10, 2019, to note that Lee Lucas is the father of Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates.