The Baton Rouge Fire Department battles a fire on Oak Forest Avenue that broke out right after power had been restored after Hurricane Ida.

An electrical fire that broke out minutes after power was restored at a Baton Rouge home on Friday caused heavy smoke and water damage, a Baton Rouge Fire Department spokesperson said. 

The occupants of the house at 3422 Oak Forest Avenue were outside talking to neighbors about the power that had just been restored to the neighborhood when they noticed smoke coming from the roof at the back of their house and called 911, Justin Hill, fire department spokesman said. 

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Firefighters entered the house and were able to stop the fire in the attic. Baton Rouge Fire Department investigators believe the fire was caused by an electrical malfunction when power was restored to the house.

The Red Cross was called out to assist the two occupants of the home. No one was injured, BRFD said, but the fire did about $100,000 worth of damage.

Hill said that, when power goes off, people should turn off any appliances and household tools in use at the time that have heating elements, such as electric stoves, ovens and irons, to avoid possible problems when electricity is restored.  

For homes without power, officials are reminding homeowners to keep an eye on their generators and keep a fire extinguisher on hand. Generators can get extremely hot with prolonged use. Several fires involving generators have been reported in the area since the hurricane. 

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