One suspect has been arrested and police said additional arrests are pending in the Baton Rouge nightclub shooting last month that left seven people injured amid a summer spike in gun violence across Louisiana's capital city. 

Cadonovan Sanchezz Robinson, 24, is accused of firing into a group of people in an apparent attempt to defend his relative, who had been hit over the head with a glass bottle just moments before, according to his arrest warrant released Tuesday. 

The June 29 shooting occurred June 29 at Stadium Ultralounge & Bar, a nightclub across the street from the Bon Carré Town Center in Baton Rouge. It's unclear whether Robinson was the only shooter involved in the altercation, which started inside the nightclub but continued outside, where video footage shows additional shots were fired. 

Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul said at a news conference Tuesday that detectives identified Robinson using videos of the shooting and tips from the public. Paul acknowledged the incident "caused us to get a lot of attention and make national headlines."

Videos from inside the nightclub that were later posted on social media showed a man hitting another person with a glass bottle; it's unclear what prompted the attack. Then someone else started shooting in the direction of the person with the bottle.

Police said they've concluded that Robinson was the shooter, who took action in an apparent attempt to defend his relative — the person who was hit with the bottle. 

Robinson fired shots into a group of people, according to his arrest warrant. Someone who doesn't appear to have been involved in the initial confrontation was injured when a bullet struck him in the abdomen.

Robinson, of Zachary, was booked into jail Tuesday on a count of attempted first-degree murder.

Paul said more arrests are pending, but he declined to share specifics because of the ongoing investigation. He thanked the public for providing information to detectives. 

"We've said before that … we cannot solve these crimes without the help from the community," Paul said. "This is just another example of how the Baton Rouge community is doing their part in helping us identify that small group of individuals who are responsible for the majority of the crime."

The nightclub shooting capped a rash of gun violence in late June that left Baton Rouge residents and leaders alarmed. Officials hosted a public meeting the following week during which residents shared their concerns.

"When we see seven people shot in a nightclub, that could have been stopped," Paul said at the meeting. He said he wished the bar owners and promoters had worked with police before the event, or friends of those involved in the shooting had warned officials. "To say that we can't keep anyone safe in clubs is just not true."

That statement prompted questions about a police department policy forbidding officers from working at bars or nightclubs. Paul said he plans to evaluate that policy and see what could be done to improve safety for similar events and venues in the future — a point he reiterated on Tuesday. 

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Gun violence has subsided over the past few weeks since the nightclub shooting. Homicides overall for 2019 remain below this time last year and in 2017. 

But Paul expressed alarm earlier this month that nonfatal shootings have seen a notable increase within the past few months. 

Since taking office the beginning of 2018, the chief has consistently emphasized the importance of tips from residents, either before or after a crime has occurred.

"We're gonna ask the community to continue to call us," he said Tuesday. "Keep talking because we will never stop listening, Baton Rouge. We will continue to do our part as you continue to help us."

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