Cathrine Miestchovich (left) and Ray Miestchovich

Cathrine Miestchovich (left) and Ray Miestchovich

A Baton Rouge couple has been arrested after they allegedly struck an officer attempting to arrest them and led a chase after thefts from a Lowes store. 

Ray, 34, and Cathrine Miestchovich, 32, were both arrested after the car they were fleeing the store in -- along with their young child -- became disabled. 

The incident began Thursday when Ray Miestchovich was spotted in the Lowes Home Improvement location at 1777 Millerville Road and identified as a suspect in previous thefts from the same location. He eventually wheeled a cart out of the store filled with $2,821 worth of merchandise without paying, according to booking documents. 

As he was headed to his truck in the parking lot, an East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Deputy asked him to stop. Ray Miestchovich then began running to his truck, where he was met by the deputy. The deputy, in a clearly marked vest, yelled "stop, you're under arrest," according to booking documents. 

Miestchovich put the truck into drive as the officer attempted to stop him. His wife, Cathrine, struck the deputy in the arm as her husband drove away and the officer was also struck by the vehicle's open door. 

Ray Miestchovich proceeded to flee in the truck, at times exceeding the speed limit in the area by more than 25 mph and driving on the wrong side of the road, according to booking documents. 

It's unclear how the truck became disabled, or if the responding officer was hurt when he was truck by the truck. 

Ray Miestchovich was booked on counts of theft, flight from an officer, aggravated assault of a motor vehicle upon a peace officer and battery of an officer. Cathrine Miestchovich was booked on counts of possession of drug paraphernalia and battery of a police officer.