A CATS bus carrying 13 passengers in the Baton Rouge area on Saturday night saw glass shatter on both sides of the bus while traveling on North Acadian Thruway near Fairfield.

According to Baton Rouge Police Cpl. L'Jean McKneely, the Capital Area Transit System bus was travelling southbound on North Acadian Thruway as it passed a couple of men standing on the side of the road. When the bus passed, something occurred to cause windows on both side of the bus to shatter. BRPD is still trying to determine what caused the glass to shatter.

When the incident occurred, the bus driver checked on the 13 passengers, saw no one was injured, notified CATS personnel and returned to the terminal, Mckneely said.

Police were there to interview passengers once the bus returned, Mckneely said, but about half of the passengers left the terminal without talking to police.

The incident is still under investigation.

Spokesperson Amie McNaylor said that CATS followed protocol in Saturday’s incident, notifying the Baton Rouge Police Department.

Here’s the full statement from McNaylor:

"First and foremost, CATS is grateful no one was injured in the incident that occurred last night. We have a protocol in place that was followed last night, and it worked in this situation. As soon as the operator made us aware of the situation, we notified the BR police department as the first step of our protocol. CATS appreciates the efforts of the Baton Rouge Police Department to continue working with us to ensure the safety of both CATS customers and employees who board a CATS vehicle. We are confident that the police will continue their investigation until we have a clearer understanding of exactly what happened. Again, we are pleased there were no injuries and that the operator was able to safely get the vehicle to a secure area."