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LSU President F. King Alexander.

LSU officials announced Thursday night that some Greek activities, including tailgating on Sept. 30, will be allowed starting Sunday, following a week-long suspension after the death of freshman fraternity pledge Maxwell Gruver.

While most social events and all new member activities are still suspended, all university-sponsored homecoming events, philanthropy or service events, intramural events and meal services at the houses, including new members, will be allowed, according to a memo issued by LSU Director of Greek Life Angela Guillory sent to Greek chapter presidents and advisers.

Though tailgating is still suspended for the Saturday home game, it will be allowed at the Sept. 30 homecoming game with new tailgate procedures for student organizations.

All other events are still suspended until further notice, Guillory said, but will likely come back in the coming weeks, "though there is no prescribed timeline for approvals of other activities."

All Greek life activities were suspended on campus after Gruver, a freshman Phi Delta Theta pledge, died Sept. 14 in a potential hazing incident. Gruver's autopsy revealed that he had high levels of alcohol in his system, but no signs of trauma.

"The passing of Maxwell Gruver was tragic and unexpected," Guillory said. "As of that day, there were no warning signals indicating a fellow Tiger’s life was at risk. Since there were no signs, we could not be sure that our policies and structures were working adequately across all Greek organizations, prompting the university to stop all of the activities pending a thorough review."

Guillory said the death and ensuing LSU police investigation and Code of Conduct inquiry "may be a wake-up call about high-risk behaviors" for some organizations.

She said it was important to note that  there will be no return to ‘normal’.

"We aren’t just thinking about changing rules, we are thinking about changing cultures," she said.

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