Two Texas men each were sentenced to six years in federal prison Tuesday for smuggling cocaine into Baton Rouge in the door panel of a pickup.

Melesio Noyola, 22, of Lufkin, and Jonathan Beltran, 21, of Eagle Pass, pleaded guilty in 2009 to conspiracy, possession of more than 11 pounds of cocaine with intent to distribute, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a drug-trafficking crime.

The case involves more than 15 pounds of uncut cocaine smuggled into Baton Rouge from Austin, Texas, in the pickup.

The cocaine and $182,000 intended for its purchase were seized during March 2009 arrests in the 2600 block of Shelley Street, FBI Special Agent Antony Jung stated in an affidavit.

Jung wrote that Noyola, Beltran and a third man - Christopher Robles, 23, also of Lufkin - picked up the cocaine in Austin and drove it to Baton Rouge.

Robles, who pleaded guilty to the same charges, has not been sentenced.

U.S. District Judge James Brady sentenced Noyola and Beltran.