Baton Rouge Police arrest one of two men accused in machete attack _lowres

Juan Omor Parada Delgado

One of two males accused of chasing someone through a Baton Rouge trailer park machete-in-hand on Tuesday was arrested early Wednesday morning.

According to a Baton Rouge Police Department report, detectives were called to 3700 Victoria Drive shortly before 4 p.m. Tuesday.

When investigators arrived, they first found one male with a large gash on his head. He was taken to Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.

Investigators found two other males involved in the fight and identified one of them as the victim.

The victim told police two males, Juan Omor Parada Delgado and the male taken to the hospital, came up to him at a store near a trailer park and told him they were going to kill him as payback for a fight between them a few months prior, the report says.

Delgado, 18, and the other male pulled out machetes and chased the victim to a nearby trailer where the victim ran onto the porch to try and get away from them. One of the two attackers struck him in the leg with a hammer and then tried to strike him with a machete, the report says. The victim grabbed a nearby shovel and threw it at the attacker, who then stumbled back, giving the victim a chance to escape.

When questioned by detectives, Delgado confirmed he and the other male confronted the victim, pulled out machetes and chased the victim to a nearby trailer that afternoon.

Delgado, 3700 Victoria Drive Lot 78, was booked into Parish Prison around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday on attempted second-degree murder.