Shafeeq Shamsid-Deen

Former school principal Shafeeq Syid Shamsid Deen surrendered Friday to Baton Rouge police after he was accused of cruelty to a juvenile and false imprisonment of a student at Laurel Oaks Charter school. 

A warrant was issued for Shamsid-Deen's arrest Monday after he was accused of locking a student in a cafeteria closet at the school, at 440 N. Foster Drive, on Aug. 22. 

The Laurel Oaks Charter school's board of directors on Thursday night promoted an administrator, who just started seven weeks ago, to run the school while it investigates.

According to Shamsid-Deen's warrant, a teacher heard a child screaming and crying inside the school Aug. 22. After two other teachers joined in the search, the 5-year-old girl was found inside the closet in the cafeteria. The closet was locked from the outside.

The child told investigators that Shamsid-Dean, 31, told her to "go into the closet with the spiders, and if she screamed, he would turn the lights off," the warrant says. She also said the closet "has spiders and roaches in it that crawl on her."

The kindergartener told police that Shamsid-Deen "puts her in the closet when she is bad," according to the warrant.