bus school students

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Parents of students at Woodlawn elementary, middle and high schools in Baton Rouge all received alerts Monday night about a threat received involving a “Woodlawn school” and all three schools will have increased security this week as a result.

It’s the same video a couple of students at McKinley High received on Aug. 19, prompting a weeklong heightened presence and concern at that school, though no threats have been carried out at that school.

Taylor Gast, a spokeswoman for the East Baton Rouge Parish school system said that as was the case at McKinley High, a short video showing a shooting scene from a video game, was “Airdropped” to a couple of students phone on Friday afternoon at the end of the school day by an unknown individual. School officials learned about the videos soon after it was sent.

Gast said the latest video, like the one at McKinley High, included a written message that included the name of a school, though it was short and vague.

This new threat, however, was addressed only to “Woodlawn,” so parents at all three schools with Woodlawn in their name were alerted. School officials waited until Monday night since school is reopening Tuesday after the three-day Labor Day weekend.

Here’s the statement issued Monday by the school system:

“The East Baton Rouge Parish School System was made aware that a threat was sent electronically that referenced a Woodlawn School. The schools are working with the district security team and law enforcement to investigate the threat and an increased police presence has been requested to support the school while the situation is reviewed.”