Garry Thomas

LSU police on Wednesday arrested a Baton Rouge man accused of raping a student in her dorm room, a sexual act he insists was consensual.

Garry Thomas, 18, is accused of third-degree rape in the Nov. 18 incident.

Thomas' arrest report says the female LSU student reported the incident to campus police on Nov. 30, saying she, her roommate and Thomas were hanging out off-campus the night prior drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana.

She said the three eventually went back to her and the roommate's dorm room and went to sleep. She said at some point, she woke up to someone having sex with her and she thought it was Thomas' friend whom she had met earlier and with whom she had consented to have sex, the report says.

The man suggested they go to the bathroom to continue, and in the light, the student said, she realized the man was Thomas, not his friend. She said she hadn't seen his face in the dark before that point, the report says.

She told him she didn't want to have sex with him, and he left the bathroom and went to his girlfriend — the roommate's — bed.

LSU police interviewed Thomas on Dec. 5, when he reportedly told police a similar account of the night up until the three got back to the dorm room. He said he and the accuser stayed up talking while the roommate went to bed, and he claimed the encounter was consensual. He said he stopped the interaction because he felt bad for cheating on his girlfriend, so he left the bathroom.

Thomas was booked Wednesday afternoon into Parish Prison.