Wilfred Celestine

The man accused in a September fatal shooting in Scotlandville acted out of anger over a stolen PlayStation when he shot and killed Jaquincy Ross, 18, according to police.

Wilfred Celestine, 22, was arrested Tuesday on one count each of second-degree murder and felon in possession of a firearm. His most recent arrest occurred not long after he was released from prison for his role in a New Orleans mass shooting three years earlier.

Court documents released Wednesday reveal new details about the Scotlandville shooting. Witnesses familiar with the circumstances surrounding the shooting told police that Celestine was retaliating against Ross, who had stolen a PlayStation just hours earlier from another apartment in his complex, according to the arrest warrant.

A man who lives in the burglarized apartment came home, accompanied by Celestine, and realized items had been stolen, police wrote in the warrant. The man told police he knew Ross "likes to steal from people and went to confront him about it." 

He found Ross standing outside his apartment with his girlfriend and told him to give back the stolen items. The man then went inside Ross' apartment and found the PlayStation and other goods, at which point Ross ran away, according to the warrant.

The man said Celestine then chased Ross out of the apartment and reported hearing gunshots soon thereafter. Celestine later told witnesses he "shot the victim because he was angry," police wrote. 

Ross was found dead in the 800 block of Swan Avenue — gunned down just yards from where his stepfather, Quinton "JR" Johnson, was killed in June 2017. Both homicides occurred outside the apartment complex. 

Ross' girlfriend shared a similar account of the events leading up to the Sept. 22 shooting when she spoke with The Advocate in the days after Ross' death. She said she was hanging out with him at his mother's apartment when two men approached Ross asking about a stolen PlayStation, which led to the chase and shots fired.

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