EBRSO website hacked

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office website was hacked on Wednesday Sep. 4, 2019.

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office website homepage was temporarily hacked early Wednesday.

The website, ebrso.org, displayed a disturbing message with an image of the Iranian flag and a Guy Fawkes mask, used in the popular movie "V for Vendetta."

Sheriff's office spokeswoman Savannah Jones confirmed the homepage was redirected for a short time and that the person who caused the redirect was not able to gain access to the site or any data.

"Our Information Technology Team removed the erroneous homepage as soon as they were notified," Jones said in a release Wednesday morning. "They are currently capturing data necessary to investigate the incident. Once the information is gathered they will redirect our address back to the original secure site. The investigation into this incident is ongoing and we apologize for any inconvenience the redirection may have caused our residents."

The hacker's message on website homepage read: 

Hacked By Iranian Hackers

Hacked By Mamad Warning

We are always closer to you

Your identity is known to us

Your information is for us ;)

take care

The message was taken down by 7:30 a.m. with the website later showing a 404 error message, saying it was unable to load. 

The site, as of 10:20 a.m., is back up and running.

No additional details are available at this time. This story will be updated.