Baton Rouge police on Thursday arrested two men accused of a botched robbery earlier this week that left their 17-year-old counterpart dead.

Rosedale residents Larry Scott Jr., 18, Jarvis Dawson, 20, and Marvin Lewis, 17, drove to Baton Rouge on Tuesday evening to buy marijuana, according to an affidavit of probable cause. But when Scott and Lewis bought the drugs at 1635 N. 49th St., they questioned whether they had received the proper amount, the affidavit says.

The dealer sent a youngster down the street to get his scale, at which point Scott and Lewis pulled out guns and robbed the man of $300, and $70 from a second person, the affidavit says. When the boy returned, Lewis pointed his gun at him and said, “What up?”

Fearing for his life, the boy pulled out a gun and fired several times at Lewis, killing him, and wounding Dawson in the leg, the affidavit says. Dawson and Scott then fled, police said.

Scott and Dawson, both of 76790 Rosedale Road, were booked into Parish Prison on counts of second degree murder and armed robbery.