Suspected drunk driver accused of trying to flee Baton Rouge crash, eating breath mints to hide alcohol smell _lowres

Christopher R. Fox, 33

A man accused of trying to flee a crash he caused while drunk — which he tried to cover up by swallowing Tic Tacs and peppermint candies — was arrested Monday.

Christopher R. Fox, 33, faces counts of hit and run, third-offense DWI, operating a vehicle with a suspended license and reckless operation of a vehicle in the incident at 8:20 p.m. Sunday in the parking lot of La Quinta Inn at 10555 Rieger Road, according to a State Police report.

Fox is accused of ramming his vehicle into another automobile, the report says. In trying to escape, he backed up and hit the other vehicle again, according to the document.

Fox eventually climbed out of his automobile before stumbling around the parking lot and trying to persuade the other driver not to call law enforcement, according to the statement.

At one point, Fox “took off” on foot toward the front of the Inn, and started putting mouth wash, peppermints and Tic Tacs into his mouth, the report says. Fox later walked back to the other driver and spoke to him about the accident, according to the document.

There was an “extremely strong odor of an alcoholic beverage” from Fox’s breath and his body, and he had trouble standing straight, a trooper wrote in the report. Fox, whose speech was “incoherent,” performed poorly on a field sobriety test consisting of walking in a straight line, among other tasks, the report said.

Fox refused all chemical testing, including giving a breath sample, according to the report.

Fox was accused of two other DWI’s in the past ten years, based on law enforcement records cited in the report.

Fox, of 3029 Silver Sand Drive in Baton Rouge, was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. He was not assigned a bond, according to jail records.