The Sheriff’s Office discredited rumors circulating Thursday that there are plans to attack law enforcement officers in the aftermath of Tuesday’s officer-involved shooting.

Casey Rayborn Hicks, East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman, said Thursday afternoon that local, state and federal law enforcement agencies have received no credible threats, despite messages making the rounds on social media.

“They’re insinuating that there’s going to be a purge against law enforcement officers,” Hicks said, adding that she could comment only generally on what she’s seen online. “And they’re stating that this information is coming from law enforcement.”

Hicks said neither is the case.

“If information is received that is deemed to be credible, the public will be immediately notified,” Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said in a statement released later Thursday.

In the same release, Col. Michael Edmonson, State Police superintendent, said all agencies are taking the situation seriously.

“When threats are made, they can unnecessarily alarm the public and undermine the investigative process by diverting resources and attention away from the important task at hand,” Edmonson said.

He said his agency is staying vigilant and monitoring any threats received, “determining their sources and legitimacy, and, if necessary, providing appropriately measured responses.”

Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard also responded to rumors of coming unrest in the area.

“First of all, let me confirm for you that no rumor has had any truth tied to it,” Ard said. “Secondly, we — as always — are being proactive. We are constantly monitoring and vetting all information circulating.”

Authorities ask that anyone who has information concerning threats to contact the Louisiana Fusion Center at

Advocate staff writer Heidi Kinchen contributed to this report.