A 31-year-old Baton Rouge man was arrested Monday after he broke his mother’s nose when he became upset over whether she had gotten him cigarettes, Baton Rouge police said.

Cedric Chaney was arrested after police found his mother at about 7 a.m. covered in blood, her right eye swollen shut and her nose swollen and bloody, according to a Baton Rouge police report.

The victim told police that her son had “gone off again” because he was upset, saying she was “playing games” over getting him cigarettes, according to the report. She told officers that he began to punch her and she blacked out, the report says.

A witness at the scene corroborated the victim’s account, police said.

Emergency Medical Services employees told police that the victim had a broken nose and needed stitches.

When officers found Chaney, he had blood on his hands and arms, police said. Chaney, 5181 Underwood Ave., was booked into Parish Prison on a count of second-degree battery.