Tyrese Magee

Tyrese Magee, 21

One suspect has been arrested in a shooting in Tigerland last week that left a man and woman dead inside an apartment, and police say they expect to make more arrests in the case.

Tyrese Magee, 21, was booked into jail on counts related to the crime, but is not accused of pulling the trigger that ended the lives of Stan Riley, 37, and Amanda Authement, 34. The two were shot and killed at a Tigerland Avenue apartment complex on Friday.

Baton Rouge police announced Magee's arrest in a news release issued late Tuesday.

Police received a tip that Magee was present when the two victims were shot and brought him in for questioning, according to his arrest report. An anonymous tip through the local Crime Stoppers program played a vital role in Magee's arrest, Baton Rouge police spokesman Sgt. Don Coppola Jr. said.

More arrests are likely coming as Coppola said detectives "believe others may be involved in this ongoing investigation."

Magee told detectives that he walked to Authement's apartment with another man to buy drugs, the arrest report states. The other man knocked on the door, then pulled a gun and walked inside with the weapon raised, at which point Magee heard gunshots and immediately ran away, he recounted during questioning. 

Video surveillance from a nearby apartment complex shows two men walking up to the building where the victims lived, before one  ran back across the street where he came from, police wrote in the report.

An account from another tipster suggested that Magee was involved in planning the armed robbery of Authement that turned deadly, police said. 

The two victims lived in the same apartment complex but in different units. Stan Riley's wife, Rebecca Riley, said her husband had gone over to Authement's apartment just minutes before the shooting occurred.

Authement's family said she has battled substance abuse for years, though police have not said whether they believe the shooting was drug related.

The building where the shooting occurred is one of many apartment complexes behind the Tigerland bars popular among LSU students. Many of the older complexes have declined in recent years as students have gravitated toward newer housing options outside Tigerland. 

Magee, 1808 Brightside Drive, faces one count of principal to first-degree murder.

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