After her oldest son was killed last spring — in a shooting within earshot of her family's home — Shirley Carr said her only other son, Travis Carr, had used that tragedy to turn his life around. 

The 33-year-old had found a steady job after years in and out of jail, his mother said. He had started checking on his grieving parents every day, giving them each a kiss on the cheek. And, she said, Travis Carr had stayed out of trouble after his last stint in prison on drug charges. 

But on Saturday, about 10 months after his brother, Henry "CJ" Carr, was fatally shot at the now-shuttered Elm Grove Gardens apartments in a double homicide, Travis Carr was gunned down while driving, less than two miles away. 

"It's hasn't been a year," said Shirley Carr, wiping a slow tear from her eye. "I can't take much more. … Travis was my baby boy."

Travis Carr was found shot to death in the driver's seat of his Nissan Altima just before midnight on Saturday in the 5000 block of Stearns Street in Zion City, according to Baton Rouge Police. He died at the scene. 

There are no known motives or suspects in the attack, said police spokesman Sgt. Don Coppola Jr. The investigation into the shooting remains ongoing. 

Shirley Carr said she does not believe the two shootings that killed her sons are connected — and neither do police — but she accounted them both to a culture in which too many people have lost all value for others' lives. 

On May 13, Henry "CJ" Carr, 34, was killed in an armed robbery in the parking lot of the Elm Grove Garden Apartments at 8770 Elm Grove Garden Drive, a shooting that quickly escalated to a double homicide. The man who shot him during the robbery, Kendrick Dixon, was then shot by one of Carr’s friends, James Ricardo Johnson, in response, police said.

Johnson, 36, was arrested in Dixon's death. 

After that shooting, Shirley Carr said, she had spoken to her younger son about moving forward and not getting caught up in any retaliation. In October, Travis Carr was released from prison after serving about three years for two drug possession convictions. 

"The street life, he had put all that behind him," Shirley Carr said. She said Travis Carr was a father of four, with one more on the way with his girlfriend.

Shirley Carr said she has few answers, so far, about what led to Travis Carr's slaying. 

Travis "never even knew what hit him," she said. “The people that’s doing stuff like this, they’re nothing but cowards. They don’t respect anybody.”

Carr said she hopes someone will come forward with information on the slaying so authorities can solve the crime. Coppola asked that people call police at 225-389-4869 or Crime Stoppers at 225-344-7867 with any possible tips.

Shirley Carr said she also is asking friends and family to help fund a funeral for Travis, as the family spent all their savings last year on funeral services for "CJ". 

"(Travis) needs to be put to rest," Shirley Carr said. "They took my baby from me in the flesh, but they can't ever take his spirit from me. … He's going to always be with me."

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