Authorities are searching for a 38-year-old man accused of setting a woman’s car on fire Tuesday, the day before she was to appear in court to renew a protective order against him.

The Baton Rouge Fire Department responded Tuesday to a black 2008 Honda Accord on fire at 1791 North 39th St. Investigators determined the fire to be arson, which caused an estimated $2,500 in damage, according to a Fire Department.

Taddius L. Cole is believed to have set the car on fire sometime between midnight and 5 a.m. Tuesday, the report says. The victim presented recorded statements of Cole threatening to damage her property and saying he would hurt her family.

He told her he did not care if she told police, that police were not going to apprehend him. Cole was angry because the victim filed for the protective order, the report says.

Cole is wanted on a count of violation of protective order, simple arson, as well as improper telephone communications from an Aug. 8 incident.

Anyone with information about the fire can contact the Fire Department at (225) 354-1419.