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Philippe Veeters

A Baton Rouge physical therapist booked on sexual battery Monday is accused of a June incident involving a patient.

Philippe Veeters, 54, of 19129 S. Augusta Drive, is accused of inappropriate sexual conduct for touching a female patient’s genitals while conducting an examination of her back, according to the arrest report. Veeters, owner of Dutch Physical Therapy, was also handed a nine-month suspension on Nov. 26 by the Louisiana Physical Therapy Board in relation to the case, according to board documents.

The arrest affidavit says the patient visited Veeters on the recommendation of a family member to have a curvature in her spine examined. According to the Physical Therapy board’s report, the patient’s family has a history of scoliosis.

Once at the office, the patient changed into an open-back medical gown and was not given anything to cover herself while on the table, the arrest report says. At one point in the examination, Veeters asked the patient to lie on the examination table on her back.

The affidavit says he then proceeded to pull down the victim’s underwear and touch her inappropriately, without warning. In a meeting with law enforcement, Veeters claimed he asked permission to touch the patient for the procedure but did not receive verbal approval.

The patient reported Veeters did not wear gloves during the procedure and did not have other personnel present, the arrest report says.

The state Physical Therapy Board, which conducted a separate investigation, determined Veeter’s procedure was “clinically unnecessary and needlessly invasive of the victim’s privacy.” The board’s decision also noted the patient should have been draped, he should not have removed her undergarments for the exam, and that other personnel should have been present.

According to the Physical Therapy Board’s records, a similar complaint was made against Veeters in 2012.

Once Veeters' license suspension is lifted, he will remain on probation with the Physical Therapy Board for a minimum of five years. He will also be required to complete ethics training and must have another personnel member present for the examinations of any female patients, among other requirements, according to the board’s documents.

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