Spencer Hebert spent most of his days at the Foster Car Wash just around the corner from his house, helping people wash their cars and earning a few bucks in the process.

That's where he was shot and killed Saturday afternoon.

Baton Rouge police said Sunday they're continuing to investigate the shooting and have not identified any suspects or motives. Hebert, 32, was shot multiple times around 4:30 p.m. and was later pronounced dead on the scene.

Neighborhood residents said he was a familiar face in the area, which includes a strip of businesses near the intersection of Choctaw and North Foster Drive just a few blocks north of the Triple S Food Mart — the site of the 2016 fatal police shooting of Alton Sterling.

Gun violence has plagued that part of Baton Rouge in recent years.

Just hours before Hebert was shot and killed, law enforcement officials partnered with local religious leaders and organized a "prayer patrol" starting at Star Hill Baptist Church on North Foster Drive and passing within blocks of what would soon become the city's latest homicide scene. Organizers targeted the area in response to high rates of violent crime.

Hebert's death marks the first homicide this month after almost three weeks of relative peace in East Baton Rouge Parish. He became the parish's 52nd homicide victim so far this year. 

Emergency responders found him suffering from multiple gunshot wounds outside the Atchafalaya Seafood restaurant, which is next door to the carwash. Neighbors said he ran toward the store after being shot and collapsed in the corner of the parking lot. 

It was unclear Sunday afternoon whether video surveillance from any of the surrounding businesses would have recorded the shooting. An employee of the seafood store said the building's surveillance camera wasn't working. And the owner of the convenience store on the other side of the restaurant — who also owns Triple S — said he plans to review footage from his cameras in case they captured anything.

Hebert lived with his mom about a five-minute walk from the car wash, according to neighbors and police.

Eddie Robinson, 52, said he has lived next door to Hebert and his mother for the past two years and would often see Hebert heading over to the car wash in the morning. 

"He was hustling and I respect that," Robinson said. "I can't say nothing bad about him, man. … The way I see it, an innocent young man's life was taken away. This one hits close to home."

Robinson said he did not witness the shooting but he's praying that "the truth will leak out" and police will catch the killer. He was one of several older men who were hanging out outside the Foster Food Mart on Sunday afternoon, cooking some turkey and listening to music.

A woman answered the door at Hebert's listed address but declined to talk about what happened.

"He was a good person," the woman said, holding the door open just a crack and closing it seconds later. "Please don't knock on my door. I've gone through enough."

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