A Baton Rouge physical therapist on Tuesday was arrested for the third time after investigators filed additional sexual battery counts against him, further expanding accusations that he sexually battered women patients for years. 

Philippe Veeters, a former co-owner and therapist at Dutch Physical Therapy whose physical therapy license is currently suspended, was booked Tuesday after two more women came forward with accounts of sexual battery — bringing the total number of credible accusers to nine, according to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office.

In February and March, Veeters was booked on other sexual battery allegations, after seven women came forward with allegations that he touched them inappropriately during physical therapy appointments. Against physical therapy best practices, he treated all of the women alone in a room and would touch them without their consent and without wearing gloves, the arrest reports say.

In new allegations filed Tuesday, the women told of similar encounters with Veeters, who was supposed to be treating them for neck and back pain. However, they said,he touched their buttocks, breasts and pubic areas, leaving them feeling uncomfortable and violated.

"Veeters would pull her scrubs and panties down then press on her pubic region," one of the arrest reports filed Tuesday said. Another said that Veeters, "without warning, walked up behind her and grabbed her buttocks with both of his hands." Later, he did the same to her breasts, both times telling how her posture would make her breasts look "perkier," the report says.

Nine women have come forward with allegations the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office found credible against Veeters. Investigators said others have also alleged the therapist engaged in improper behavior with them but their allegations fell outside of the statue of limitations. 

In prior allegations, the women described how they sought treatment for back or upper body issues, yet Veeters would touch them in their vaginal area, according to his arrest warrants. And in every case, the women reported, Veeters did not wear gloves when he directly touched their skin and no other medical professionals were in the room — all violations of physical therapy best practices. 

Veeters, 54, of 19129 S. Augusta Drive, was booked Tuesday on counts of misdemeanor sexual battery and forcible sexual battery.

The state board of physical therapy suspended his license in November after finding one of these allegations credible, noting in their report that they had similar allegation about Veeters reported in 2012, but they did not determined it was worth any discipline at the time. 

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