Upset by dismissal from band, teen accused of forcing mom at gunpoint to drive him to Scotlandville High _lowres

Jarreau Simmons

Baton Rouge police on Friday arrested an 18-year-old Scotlandville Magnet High student accused of forcing his mother at gunpoint to drive him to the school because he was upset about his dismissal from the school band.

Jarreau Simmons, 18, was arrested at the school at 3:05 p.m., according to a Baton Rouge Police news release.

Officers arrested Simmons after a short chase on foot and recovered the loaded gun in the band room, police spokesman Cpl. L’Jean McKneely said in a news release.

Adonica Duggan, spokesperson for the East Baton Rouge Parish school system, said officers found a Beretta model 950 BS .25-caliber handgun.

Simmons hid the gun on his person and walked into the school, the police report says. His mother called police to tell them that he was carrying a gun on school property and was headed for the school band room.

Multiple agencies responded, and the school was locked down and partially evacuated while law enforcement searched for Simmons, the report says.

The incident happened after school, and between 15 and 20 students were in the general area, Duggan said.

Simmons told officers he did not plan to shoot anyone, Duggan said. He also told the school system’s security personnel that he did not intend to hurt anyone.

After his arrest at the school, Simmons told officers he hid the gun in the band room, where investigators later found it, the report says.

Simmons, 390 Elmer Ave., will be booked in East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on counts of second-degree kidnapping, carrying a firearm by student on school property, terrorizing and illegal carrying of a weapon.

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