Report: Man tussles with Baton Rouge police, tries to grab gun but is later subdued and arrested _lowres

Travis Day, 34

A man who tussled with officers and reached for a cop’s gun outside a Baton Rouge club early Tuesday is now in Parish Prison.

Police officers found 34-year-old Travis Day yelling at a group of people in the parking lot of Club Dreams that “he was from Sherwood,” according to a Baton Rouge Police report.

The officers had pulled into the parking lot of the club, located in the 2000 block of Dallas Drive, early Tuesday morning after receiving reports of a fight, the report says.

Day continued yelling at the group as they started to leave, walking “briskly” toward them across the parking lot, the report says.

When an officer tried to intervene, Day jerked away, turned around to face the officer and refused an order to leave the parking lot, the report says.

Officers “took (Day) to the ground” and rolled him over to try to handcuff him, according to the report, but Day refused to comply and instead grabbed at one of the officer’s weapons and duty belt.

The officer “was able to maintain control of his duty equipment,” the report says.

Day eventually allowed officers to handcuff him only after one of the officers pulled out a stun gun, the report says.

Day, of 11359 E. Black Oak Drive, was booked into Parish Prison on counts of attempting to disarm an officer and resisting arrest.

Bail is set at $16,000.