Jermain Bindon

An alleged drug dealer tried to rob his client — who told police he was purchasing Suboxone to treat his opioid addiction — and then shot the victim multiple times Monday before he was able to escape, Baton Rouge police said Friday.

The victim fled in his car and drove to the parking lot of a Chase Bank on Sherwood Forest Boulevard. He called for help and was transported to the hospital via ambulance, police said. He was treated and later released.

The man told police that his drug dealer, Jermain Bindon, was the shooter, police said. Bindon was arrested Thursday and booked into jail.

When the man approached Bindon to purchase drugs in the 10000 block of Cletus Drive, Bindon pulled out a gun and placed it on his lap, demanding "keys, wallet, money and cellphone," according to the arrest report. The man told police he "always buys his drugs from Bindon."

The man said he asked Bindon what he was doing and then tried to grab his gun. The two started struggling, and the gun discharged, striking the man in the leg, according to the arrest report. 

The man released the weapon when Bindon bit him on the wrist, and was then able to get into his car, police said. Bindon started firing at the vehicle, striking the victim "several times in the right wrist and flank area." 

The victim drove almost 5 miles to the bank parking lot. From there, he called his girlfriend and 911, according to police. Officers responded to both scenes.

Bindon, of Red Oak Drive, was booked into Parish Prison on one count each of attempted first-degree murder, illegal use of weapons and attempted armed robbery. 

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