Crime scene tape lingered Friday afternoon outside a house on Georgia Street where a man was shot to death hours earlier. 

An older man was shot to death in his home on Georgia Street Friday morning, then lay on the floor bleeding for hours until his roommate arrived and called 911, according to police and neighbors. 

Neighbors reported hearing one gunshot around 8 a.m. 

Baton Rouge police responded a few hours later. The coroner was notified after the man was pronounced dead, officials said. 

Even after police conducted their investigation and left the scene, a large pool of blood remained on the floor near the front door of his apartment, which lies across the street from McKinley High in Old South Baton Rouge. Neighbors said the man lived there with a roommate. 

Leftover red crime tape was hanging off a nearby fence post, wilting in the sweltering afternoon heat. 

Because classes were canceled after Hurricane Ida, no McKinley students were on the campus Friday morning. 

One person in the neighborhood said they tried knocking on the door several times after hearing the gunshot, but received no response. Then the roommate returned home, surveyed the scene and called the police, neighbors added.

Neighbors said they were concerned about drug activity at the man's house. They estimated the victim was around 60. Police have not released his name pending family notification. 

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