A second man was arrested Tuesday in a shooting that left a person injured with a gunshot wound Monday night in Baton Rouge.

Brock Williams, 30, is accused of principal to attempted second degree murder, according to an East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office report. On Tuesday, his alleged co-defendant, Jeron Durroh, 23, was arrested on attempted second degree murder as well as illegal use of a weapon in the shooting in the 6600 block of Hanks Drive in Baton Rouge.

Williams and Durroh were spending time Monday night with a 34-year-old man — the relative of Durroh’s romantic partner — when Durroh offered to drive the man home, the report says.

The man accepted, and after the trio arrived at his residence, the man exited the automobile and began walking away, the report says. But Williams called the man back to the vehicle and moments later, shots were fired from the passenger side of the automobile, the report says.

After being struck, the 34-year-old man ran from the scene and sought help at a nearby business about 9:30 p.m., according to the report. The wound is not life-threatening.

A confidential informant told authorities that the man and Durroh had been in an argument earlier in the evening, and that Durroh had been seen with handgun shortly before the shooting, the report says.

The victim identified Williams in a six-person photographic lineup containing five other randomly-selected people with similar features, according to the report.

Williams, of 2818 Fairfields St. in Baton Rouge, admitted to being in the vehicle with Durroh and the victim, but denied being present for the shooting, the report says.

He was booked into Parish Prison and was assigned a bond of $25,000, according to jail records.

Durroh, of 1930 Rhodes Ave., remains in custody in Parish Prison in lieu of $90,000 bond, jail records show.