Sale of transmission leads to man firing handgun at seller’s house _lowres

Charlie Joseph, 28

A 28-year-old Baker resident’s dispute with another man over the sale of an automobile transmission led him to fire off three rounds from a handgun outside the other man’s house late Saturday, a Baker police report says.

Charlie Paul Joseph, of 1014 Seville Ave., Apt. 3, got into an argument with the victim Saturday night, the report says, apparently as part of a disagreement over a transmission the victim sold.

Shortly after the victim went back inside his house, he heard the low rumble of Joseph’s loud exhaust and then three gunshots, the report says. The bullets did not appear to have struck the home or caused any damage, police said.

A witness sitting outside saw the three shots come from Joseph’s red Chevrolet pickup truck, the report says. Baker police officers located Joseph and questioned him.

Baker detectives searched the pickup and found a .40-caliber Taurus handgun tucked under the driver’s seat and three spent shell casings in the truck, the report says, despite Joseph’s earlier insistence that there was no weapon in the vehicle.

After police found the gun, Joseph tried to run away but a policeman used a stun gun on him and placed him under arrest.

Following his arrest, Joseph admitted to police that he’d fired the shots, the report says. Joseph told police he was angry with the man because he had allegedly sold a transmission Joseph had left at the man’s home without Joseph’s permission.

Officers booked Joseph into Parish Prison on counts of assault by drive-by shooting, illegal use of a weapon and resisting an officer.