Lacey Louis

A woman was arrested at Westdale Middle School shortly before noon Monday, after going to the school and attacking a student, then urging her daughter to fight another student, arrest records show.

An East Baton Rouge Sheriff's deputy assigned to the school said he was told of a major campus disturbance, and learned from the assistant principal that Lacey Louis, the mother of a Westdale Middle student, had arrived at the school and was told to wait in the assistant principal's office because she seemed very upset.

Louis left the office, though, according to arrest records, and attacked a student in a different room of the front office. Louis then pulled her daughter from another room and told her to fight another student. 

The mother told the deputy she was at the school to speak to one of the teachers about her child getting threatening phone calls from one of the students. The mother said she had never made it to the office because she had seen her daughter fighting and was trying to break up the fight.

After talking to multiple witnesses, the deputy arrested Louis.

She was booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on counts of simple battery, disturbing the peace, inciting to riot and contributing to the delinquency of juveniles.