Latory Richard

A Baton Rouge woman was arrested in a shooting last week that left one dead, police reported.

44-year-old Chedrick Golphin was found shot to death in an abandoned vehicle on Lanier Drive on Jan. 13 around noon. He was a newly minted New Roads police officer who had spent the past several years working as a bounty hunter — two jobs his family worried could place him in danger.

Latory Richard, 43, of 512 Ponderosa Drive, was arrested on Friday and booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on first-degree murder, according to Baton Rouge Police spokesman Sgt. L'Jean McKneely Jr.

When police first discovered Golphin in his car, they found he was missing money, identification, car keys and his cell phone, according to booking documents. 

Investigators later identified Richard as someone Golphin was romantically involved with and noted she was texting him up to his estimated time of death.

In the hours before he died, Richard also showed up to Golphin's home several times. At one point, she got her car stuck in his yard — police believe that was because she was trying to avoid a camera mounted on Golphin's front door. 

Booking documents show that Richard arrived at Golphin's home a week after his death at night and tried to unlock his door with a key that no longer worked; the landlord had changed the locks. Richard then left the scene with her car lights off. 

No motive has been identified, McKneely said.