New details released after man booked in five Baton Rouge killings; motive remains unclear _lowres

Jeremy Montrell Robertson, 26

The Baton Rouge man accused in five killings in the city — and also implicated by police in a sixth — confessed to at least four of the slayings in recorded conversations in which he provided detailed accounts of the incidents, police say in documents released Thursday.

While Baton Rouge police announced the arrest of 25-year-old Jeremy Montrell Robertson two weeks ago, he wasn’t booked on the murder counts until Thursday. That meant Thursday was the first time detectives filed affidavits providing some details about the cases they have built.

The reports do not make clear how Robertson was taped talking about the killings, whether in conversations with police or others.

One report lists one of Robertson’s co-shooters in a killing as having the same name as a man Robertson is accused of slaying less than a month later.

Despite the new information, the documents still leave unanswered questions about Robertson’s motivation behind the shootings and his previous relationships with his alleged victims.

The only explanation offered by police as to why Robertson killed so many people is that he simply prefers to “resolve his issues with a handgun,” as Baton Rouge Police Cpl. L’Jean McKneely stated two weeks ago.

McKneely said Robertson isn’t categorized by police as a serial killer or a drug dealer.

Robertson faces three first-degree murder counts in the Aug. 2 triple slaying of Antoine Harris, Kevin Ford and Fredrick Corner. The trio was found shot to death in a driveway in the 2300 block of Jefferson Avenue.

Robertson also is accused of two counts of second-degree murder — one in the killing of Kerry Green on July 14 at 8770 Elm Grove Garden Drive and the other in the death of George Dyson on Nov. 17, 2010, at 5900 Greenwell Springs Road.

McKneely said two weeks ago that authorities believe Robertson also is responsible for the shooting death of Louis Deggs Jr. on June 3, 2009, but a grand jury in 2010 failed to indict Robertson in that killing. Police plan to present a grand jury with new evidence that they say shows Robertson’s involvement in Deggs’ death.

A man named Kevin Ford is identified as a shooter, with Robertson, in the death of Green last July. Less than a month later, on Aug. 2, Robertson is accused of killing a Kevin Ford, along with two other men.

McKneely said he could not immediately confirm Thursday whether the Kevin Ford in both reports is the same person.

After Green’s death, police recovered video surveillance footage showing two men getting out of a vehicle and running toward Green in the Elm Grove Apartment complex, according to a Baton Rouge Police report.

“The video clearly shows both subjects armed with handguns and shooting at Kerry Green,” the report says. One man was wearing a white hooded sweatshirt, dark pants and white shoes, with the other wearing dark clothing, according to the document.

A witness later told police the man in the white hooded jacket was Robertson, while an anonymous tip identified a Kevin Ford as being the other shooter.

“Kevin Ford stated that Kerry Green had disrespected him and confessed to shooting Kerry Green at the Elm Grove Apartments,” the report says.

After the triple shooting of Ford, Harris and Corner, Robertson confessed to the slayings in a recorded statement, a report says. And he provided “precise and extremely accurate details about his motive for and the manner in which he committed these homicides,” the report claims.

The report, however, does not go on to describe the alleged motive.

In Dyson’s death, a police report says Robertson shot him multiple times. In that instance, too, Robertson admitted to and described the killing in detail in a recorded conversation, a report says.

Robertson, 724 N. 22nd St., also faces two additional counts of felon in possession of a firearm. He has been behind bars at the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison since at least April 27, when he was booked on a federal gun count. Robertson is being held without bail.

An attorney for Robertson couldn’t immediately be reached Thursday afternoon for comment.

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