Bright pink and about 10 feet tall, “Flessie” isn’t too easy to hide.

But since Saturday night, Flessie — a giant statue built to look like a mix between a flamingo and the Loch Ness Monster — has been missing.

Flessie, who served as decoration at the judge’s table during last weekend’s Spanish Town Parade, was last seen at dusk Saturday near the intersection of Florida and Third streets in the bed of Joshua Ramirez’s black Dodge pickup truck.

Ramirez, who helped restore the one-time parade mascot and bring her out of retirement for this year’s Spanish Town bash, said he used rope to tie down Flessie before making his way to a hotel for the night. Around midnight, when Ramirez went back to check on her, the statue was gone, he said.

“It wasn’t like somebody just walked by and snatched it and ran off with it,” Ramirez said, noting how the statue weighs several hundred pounds.

Flessie, originally built years ago, belongs to the Society for the Preservation of Lagniappe in Louisiana, the organization that puts on the Spanish Town Parade and accompanying ball every year during the weekend before Mardi Gras. A few years ago, she stood in the LSU lakes with the other, much smaller flamingo statues that are positioned there every year leading up to the parade and ball, said Brian Nolan, an SPLL board member.

“We hadn’t been using her for the last few years, and we attempted to revive her,” Nolan said. “But then somebody else decided they wanted to have her for a while.”

Nolan described Flessie as “a giant flamingo monster” that will be hard to keep out of sight.

“If somebody’s willing to return the thing, there’s no questions asked,” Nolan said. “We just want it back.”

Nolan said anyone with information about the missing statute can contact the SPLL through its website at The statue also was reported missing to the Baton Rouge Police Department, so anyone with information about Flessie’s whereabouts also can contact police.

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