Raymond Levie, one of the men killed Friday at TJ Ribs, was being investigated by the Baton Rouge Police Department at the time of his shooting death, police spokesman Sgt. Don Stone confirmed Monday.

Greg Phares, with the State Inspector General’s Office, said his agency also had been contacted about Levie, who was an investigator with the East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office.

Phares would not say why his office, which looks into allegations of wrongdoing involving state and local government agencies, was contacted or whether it investigated Levie.

Stone said police were looking into whether Levie had illegally possessed several bottles of prescription drugs.

The drugs, which were in other people’s names, were found during a search of Levie’s Brightside Drive apartment that he shared with the 21-year-old sister of the man who shot Levie and then fatally shot himself, Stone said.

Police conducted the search after receiving a December complaint about Levie abusing the 21-year-old, an affidavit for the search warrant says. The woman’s mother, Renee Jones, filed the compliant.

Jones, who also filed a restraining order against Levie on behalf of her daughter, Candace Jones, claimed in the affidavit that she feared Levie was taking control of her daughter, who has a history of mental illness.

Renee Jones alleged Levie was controlling Candace Jones with prescription drugs and using his position at the Coroner’s Office to stalk her while she received treatment in a hospital for mental illness, the affidavit says.

During the investigation into Renee Jones’ complaint, a Police Department homicide detective told investigators Levie showed him pictures of Candace Jones in various positions, the affidavit said. The detective also said Levie told him about his sex life with Candace Jones.

Levie made the comments and showed the pictures to the investigator while the two were at a crime scene, according to the affidavit.

Police searched Levie’s home “to ensure no photographs or videos existed of the defendant engaging in sexual acts with the victim (Candace Jones) while she is in a drugged or unconscious state,” the affidavit says.

“We wanted to make sure that any sex acts he was involved in (with Candace Jones) were consensual and that she was in the right state of mind when they occurred,” Stone said.

In addition to eight bottles of prescription drugs, investigators found various electronics — including laptops, cellphones and recordable compact discs — two ropes, a bulletproof vest, a large knife and handcuffs, the return of search warrant says.

None of the items substantiated Renee Jones’ complaint regarding the abuse of her daughter, Stone said.

But investigators still believed the allegations might hold weight and forwarded their case to the East Baton Rogue Parish District Attorney’s Office, the state Attorney General’s Office and the State Inspector General’s Office, Stone said.

Phares would not confirm whether his office was investigating Levie at the time of his death.

District Attorney Hillar Moore III said Monday his office would not have become involved in the case unless Levie had been arrested, which he was not.

Even if Levie had been arrested, Moore said, he would have recused his office since it deals with the Coroner’s Office on a daily basis.

A representative with the Attorney General’s office was not available late Monday.

On Friday, Shawn Jones, 27, shot Levie in the dining room of TJ Ribs on Acadian Thruway after the two men began arguing while eating dinner, police said. Shawn Jones then shot and killed himself, authorities said.

At the time of Levie’s death, police were still investigating why he had the eight prescription drug bottles, Stone said. However, police closed the investigation after Levie was killed.