Authorities have arrested a second teenager detectives believe was involved in helping conceal evidence in the shooting death of Reginald Cossett Jr., who was shot multiple times and dumped in a Baton Rouge park last month.

Corey Sanders, 19, is not accused of pulling the trigger but was booked into jail on the following counts: accessory after the fact to first-degree murder, accessory after the fact to armed robbery, accessory after the fact to illegal use of a weapon and accessory after the fact to obstruction of justice.

Cossett was shot in the Gardere area and was then dropped off at Highland Road Community Park, where he used his smartwatch to call 911 for help. He survived long enough for an ambulance to transport him to the hospital, but he was pronounced dead not long after. 

The condition of the victim's clothing led authorities to believe he had been robbed.

Cellphone records show that Sanders was in touch with one other suspect leading up to the shooting, and then sometime after, but the records do not place him at the scene of the shooting, according to his arrest report. 

Video surveillance showed a silver car fleeing from Pecan Tree Drive immediately after shots were fired, detectives have reported. Antoine Carpenter, 18, was arrested last week and accused of driving the car, which he had borrowed from someone else that night.

The vehicle was set on fire two days after Cossett's death and left in another BREC park. Detectives found that both Carpenter's and Sanders' cellphone records place them at the scene of the arson, which constitutes potential obstruction of justice. 

Detectives have been unable to figure out who actually shot the victim, though they've noted in court records that charges could be upgraded if additional evidence comes to light. Additional arrests are also forthcoming.