St. George Fire Department

St. George Fire Department

A man was rescued from atop his submerged vehicle Monday morning after it skidded off Interstate 10, between Siegen Lane and Highland Road, and overturned in high water, the St. George Fire Protection District reported.

It was one of three high-water related car accidents on I-10 the fire department responded to on Monday morning.

This one happened shortly before 7 a.m., when St. George Fire units responding to a motor vehicle accident on I-10 eastbound found the driver on top of his submerged and overturned vehicle, said Eldon Ledoux, spokesman for the fire department. 

The driver was uninjured, but wasn't able to leave the vehicle due to the high water surrounding it.

Members of the St George Fire Protection District’s Special Operations Team arrived, donned personal flotation devices and entered the water to reach the vehicle, where they were able to give the driver a flotation device, as well, and bring him to safety.

Before units cleared that scene, there was a report of two other vehicles that had gone off I-10, between Essen and Bluebonnet, at 7:18 a.m., Ledoux said.

Both vehicles were sitting in water; one vehicle was standing upright in the knee-deep water.

Neither driver was entrapped or had serious injuries. They were evaluated by emergency medical services personnel at the scene, Ledoux said.