Ettenna Kelly

Ettenna Kelly, 43

A Baton Rouge woman who officials say has four DWI arrests since 2009 was arrested again Monday after she allegedly crashed a car, tried to carjack someone and told authorities that she was smoking marijuana all night.

Ettenna L. Kelly, 43, struck a fence and tree while driving in the 9100 block of Highland Road, according to arrest records. A 911 caller said the woman was naked and that someone gave her a gray sweater.

Police then got a call about an attempted carjacking on Highland near Staring Lane. The police report says Kelly, got into a vehicle, grabbed the steering wheel multiple times and struck the driver, who was able to drive off and call police near Highland Road and Lee Drive.

Officers eventually caught up with Kelly when her daughter called police, saying her mother showed up to her Highland Road apartment with cuts on her hands and legs, according to the arrest report.

At the apartment, Kelly told authorities she had been smoking marijuana "all night long" and admitted to hitting and trying to grab the steering wheel from the attempted carjacking victim.

Kelly was booked into prison on counts of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, reckless operation of a vehicle, careless operation, attempted carjacking and failure to register a vehicle.