The father and stepmother of a Glen Oaks High School student arrested for allegedly punching an assistant principal Monday found themselves in handcuffs after causing a scene in the school office and taking their daughter home with them despite being told to stay at school and wait for deputies.

The girl punched the assistant principal after he tried to break up a fight involving her and another student, an East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office report says.

School officials took her to the office and called a sheriff’s deputy to come arrest her. But the girl’s father and step-mother, 37-year-old Davis Sims and 31-year-old Cindell Sims, showed up first, said Casey Rayborn Hicks, spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Office.

Cindell Sims, the step-mother, arrived at the school first, swearing at the assistant principal and telling him she wasn’t going to wait for a deputy to arrive to arrest her daughter, the report says.

After the administrator insisted she had to wait for the deputy to arrive, Sims sent another student to fetch the girl’s father from the car, according to the report.

When Davis Sims walked into the office, he was irate and behaved in an aggressive manner, forcibly dragging his daughter out of the office and putting his face very close to the assistant principal’s face to intimidate him as he, his wife and the girl were leaving, the report says.

A deputy found the girl at home shortly afterward and booked her into the juvenile detention center on a count of simple battery for punching the assistant principal, Hicks said.

But when the deputy got back to Glen Oaks High, the principal informed him of the scene the parents caused and told the deputy he was afraid of the father and wanted both banned from the school.

“He didn’t know about the disturbance they caused until he returned to the school,” Hicks said.

The deputy didn’t find either of the parents back at their 6855 Buttonwood Drive home but he spotted Cindell Sims driving away from school after dismissal that afternoon, the report says. The deputy arrested her and had her SUV towed away.

As the tow truck was leaving, Davis Sims arrived at the scene of the traffic stop, the report says, and was arrested as well.

Both admitted to causing a scene, yelling and using profanity at the school, the report says, as well as refusing to wait for officers to arrive at the school.

The couple, both of 6855 Buttonwood Drive, have been released on bail.

Editor’s note: This article was changed on Tuesday, May 3, to correct the narrative of the events authorities say occurred at Glen Oaks High School leading to the arrest of the student and the student’s parents. The original Sheriff’s Office report contained several inaccuracies.