A Covington contractor was arrested Friday after he allegedly bilked a Baton Rouge couple out of $12,800 they had paid him in August to repair their flooded home,according to East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff’s deputies booked Brock Ventura, 42, of 118 Tallow Creek Drive, Covington, into Parish Prison on one count of misapplication of contractor payments.

The Baton Rouge couple had agreed to pay Ventura’s company, CAD Home Builders LLC, $23,000 to repair their Harrells Lane Drive home after last year’s historic flood in August, according to a Sheriff's Office arrest report.

Though the couple had already paid $17,800, workers stopped showing up at the home after Oct. 16, according to the arrest report.

After numerous calls and text messages, the couple reached CAD Home Builders Vice President Jason Sanzone, who said $12,800 of their payment had been “misapplied” and was no longer available to buy needed supplies, the arrest report says. Sanzone blamed Ventura for the missing money, according to the report.

The couple eventually spoke to Ventura, who said he had been out with an illness and that Sanzone was running the business, according to the report. Ventura said work would resume, but the couple told detectives it never did.

CAD claimed it would pay the couple back the $12,800, but that reimbursement never came, the arrest report says. The victims had to find a new contractor and spent another $5,100 to buy flooring supplies.

Banking records showed that the victim’s checks had been deposited, though the funds had been depleted via cash withdrawals, according to the arrest report.

In addition, a debit card linked to CAD’s account had been used to purchase only $1,094 worth of construction supplies between August and November, deputies wrote in the report.