The man found dead inside his Scotlandville home Monday afternoon was likely shot days earlier and left there decomposing until his neighbor noticed something amiss and called 911.

His relatives were notified later that afternoon and rushed to the scene. There they found dried blood and maggots throughout the house, which was filled with the unbearable stench of death, the victim's older sister said in an interview Tuesday. 

Baton Rouge police announced Monday evening that detectives are investigating the homicide of Michael Allen, 36, who hadn't been seen or heard from in several days. 

Keisha Jackson said she had been wondering what was going on with her little brother especially after she noticed over the weekend that he hadn't been posting on Facebook, which was unusual for him. She tried calling and was surprised when it went straight to voicemail. 

"Then to find out how he was taken away from us," she said Tuesday afternoon, speaking in the living room of her Old South Baton Rouge home. "We just want justice for whoever did that to him — to kill him and leave him like that. I know it won't bring my brother back but we want justice served."

Allen's cause of death hasn't been released but authorities said an autopsy is expected Wednesday. Police declined to confirm evidence of gunshots or speculate about when Allen was killed until the coroner releases his report.

Bullet holes were visible in the shattered front window of the house on Townsley Street, a residential neighborhood off Scenic Highway that's just a short distance from Southern University's campus. A foul smell also lingered outside the home Tuesday afternoon, more than 24 hours after Allen's body had been removed.

Jackson said her brother — affectionately known as "Uncle Mikey" to her children — spent most of his life in Old South Baton Rouge but had moved to Scotlandville about a year ago. She smiled through her grief, describing how Mikey's childish nature followed him into adulthood. 

But Jackson also noted he'd been working full time and renting his own place, both welcome signs of maturity that made her proud. Allen had just started a new job working at concession stands in LSU's Tiger Stadium and was looking forward impatiently to the start of college football season. 

He didn't have children of his own, but doted on Jackson's granddaughter and loved joking with his nieces and nephews. 

Jackson said she was especially close to her little brother because their mother died from an illness when the siblings were just 13 and 4. Their dad worked full time, so Jackson said she became responsible for watching Mikey and helping out around the house. 

"I basically had to grow up and take him under my wing," she said. "I didn't give birth to him, but that was my child."

Allen had recently gotten a dog, which was found unharmed inside the house Monday and brought to a local animal shelter during the investigation. Jackson said she plans to bring the pup home later this week — a new addition to the family that will help keep her brother's memory alive. 

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