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Alton Sterling's cousin died from a gunshot wound to his head before his body was found in the back seat of a burning vehicle Wednesday morning, the East Baton Rouge coroner said Thursday.

Antonio "Tony" Sterling, 34, of St. Gabriel, was found in a burning vehicle in a vacant lot on Arkansas Street near the Knock Knock Children's Museum and City Park about 4 a.m. Wednesday.

East Baton Rouge Coroner Dr. Beau Clark said in a news release Thursday that Sterling was shot in the head and died before the car was set on fire. The autopsy also reveals postmortem thermal injury.

Clark said his office was unable to determine the time frame of Sterling's death based on forensic evidence, adding that he could not estimate how long Sterling had been dead when the car was set on fire.

Sgt. Don Coppola Jr., a Baton Rouge police spokesman, said after the autopsy results were released that authorities have not yet identified any suspects or motives in the case and the investigation is ongoing.

Police said Sterling was related to Alton Sterling, the man who was fatally shot by a former Baton Rouge police officer in July 2016.

Sandra Sterling, the aunt of both Antonio and Alton Sterling, said Wednesday the two men were cousins.

Antonio Sterling had recently moved to St. Gabriel with his girlfriend and two children after his Baton Rouge home flooded, Sandra Sterling said.